Sunday, September 21, 2014

MASONRY - some light

I am a Freemason. I thought I'd post some essay material which would shed a little light on my Fraternity. We are not a cult. Every Mason in the world believes in God, in whatever way that Deity is manifested to them. Each Masonic lodge opens meetings with a Holy Book on an altar in the center of the room. Bible, Talmud, Koran, Veda, sometimes several, depending on the beliefs of the members attending. We have prayers to open and close lodge. Masonry encourages Morality, Brotherly Love, Charity, many cardinal virtues.

the square and compasses.

The letter "G" stands for God

opening prayer:

Most holy and glorious Lord God,
the Great Architect of the Universe,
the giver of all good gifts and graces,
 in Thy name we have assembled
and in Thy name we desire to proceed in all our doings.
Grant that the sublime principles of Freemasonry
may so subdue every discordant passion within us,
so harmonize and enrich our hearts
with Thine own love and goodness
that the Lodge at this time
may humbly reflect that order and beauty
which reign forever before Thy throne. 

prayer at lodge closing:

accept our humble thanks for the many mercies and blessings
which Thy bounty has conferred on us
and especially for this friendly and social intercourse.
Pardon, we beseech Thee, whatever Thou hast seen amiss in us
since we have been together
and continue to us Thy presence, protection and blessing.
Make us sensible of the renewed obligations we are under to love Thee,
and as we are about to separate and return to our respective places of abode,
wilt Thou be pleased so to influence our hearts and minds
that we may, each one of us, practice out of the Lodge
those great moral duties which are inculcated in it,
and, with reverence, study and obey the laws
which Thou hast given us in Thy Holy Word.    

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