Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Happy birthday kid, from all the gang here at the Spillers of Soup.

This is the way #2 son rolls:

My art director, Philistine, wants to take time off on his birthday; sez it's in his contract. I am reluctantly allowing this although I warned him it would be without pay. He's probably gonna go down and glower at all the Occupy folks, maybe watch some dumb chicks getting maced or something. He keeps muttering about dpjk but I think he'll be looking at the T&A.

 I can use a guy like that as a political advisor.

Something he didn't include in his resume is, he is a musician. Yep, sensitive, artistic, and talented. I dug up some rare footage of him in a band. He's the mallet guy. Fitting. He got his son involved with music and any day now I expect to see him on the top 40. Yep, Eugenics good, random ungood.

To stay aligned with the cosmic rays of the universe and amplify the sine vibes, thus ensuring the best results, these jumpsuits all have 45 stripes. That is the least we could do for one of our own.

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