Wednesday, February 11, 2015


  Hive mentality.

I observed and reported on prior visits to NorCal (Castro Valley). Found the same atmosphere and head space down in SoCal. Maybe flock of sheep but the insect analogy seems more fitting. A California band put out a song "Hotel California" and it suits the state.

Note:This excludes the Central Valley which is like farm & ranch other places, American flags and churches abounding.

The coastal area is indeed like a hotel. Many residents/workers are as obsequious as hotel staff. Most have entry level jobs, take what they can get because there are six people waiting to replace them. Buyer's market. Dressed to the nines, working two jobs to stay afloat, grovel when they have to, keep boss happy. There is a quiet desperation in their eyes, they know something is out there circling in for the kill but they don't know what it is, or won't admit it. As long as the surface tension holds they're OK. Nice cars, upwardly mobile meaning run as fast as they can to stay even. Hampster on a wheel comes to mind. 

We stayed around Long Beach with some long-time friends. On the way home we went south to San Diego. As soon as we hit San Diego the people changed. Quick take: like farm & ranch with military influence. They do not appreciate the open border crisis. I am back in familiar populations with real life values. For anyone living along the Cali coast the bug out vehicle of choice would be  a motorcycle. Not a big one, say 500cc max, quiet exhaust. Getting out of any large urban area would require it and especially in Cali. Everything runs on freeways, surface streets are built grudgingly and without flow patterns. Someone who knows his way around could traverse them but a stranger would need the mobility of the bike. It would take ten minutes to gridlock the whole state highway system with a team of two dozen in synch. Shudder.

When the grid goes down they'll be eaten (perhaps literally) by the ghetto blacks and browns.

The residents of the coastal areas are oh so nice; I can see they would be good neighbors. Green. Eco-friendly, yearning to save just one child.

I think proximity to the Pacific Ocean might explain some of the behavior. Nice white teeth, kind and gentle demeanor. Softer than a sneaker fulla shit my father would say. Went down to Huntington Beach but I didn't see any of those surf bunnies that got bra size higher than their IQ.

Never made it into San Francisco, or "San Francisco" as the locals call it. If I did I would be double-dawg certain to do as this guy suggests. You know, to blend right in:

I probably woulda felt more at home in the Central Valley. Drag strips, farm & ranch, meat eaters. Is not Altamont in around there, up near Livermore?

A few years ago the Brocker went on a trip to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and discovered noticed the Atlantic Ocean. That's my kind of ocean. Besides, the Brocker doesn't look anything like Lucy. Actually we're more like Fred and Ethyl but that's a story for another time.

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