Monday, February 9, 2015


As for blogging, The most impor­tant tasks of the aspir­ing blogger are:

(1) blog daily;

(2) link head­lines;

(3) excrete out­rage - vainly, and rep­e­ti­tiously;

(4) throw on some boobs;

(5) don't drink, and don't die;

(6) use post titles that contain buzz words to attract strangers;

This lifted off the pages of The Washington Rebel some months ago, before it imploded. The sophistry and polemical discussion on that blog site reached critical mass:
I doubt the efficacy of teaching, though it's noble indeed to attempt it. Witness the enormous learning, wit, and insight of so many wonderful bloggers whose voices can now be heard. Still, as entertaining as their efforts are, it seems to me that the effect of their work in defeating the liberal, grifter enemy is marginal. Colonel B. Bunny


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