Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NICE POV, chill the Cali vibes

I confess, I get weirded out when I am in California. The land of milk and honey it ain't, not for me. More like acid laced with belladonna. If you've tried it you know what I'm talking about; if you have never tried it, don't. Nobody needs psychedelic skulls with dancing maggots coming out the eye sockets.

Philistine soothed me with this email post. Not bad for an art director, uh?

 "People become conditioned to the mass. Like an anthill. Lots of Californians came from other places, yet, they become accustomed to the hive, most thrive. The place has a buzz to it that is very human. Does it occur to you that perhaps we were designed to operate in many modes? Singly or in a hive, a human is a Civilization of One. This is a question for anthropologists because to my mind, a 10 million strong village is not natural, or is it? Something in us allows this mode of operation. Drive out to a country cabin and listen to the crickets and hawk wings, you've instantly adjusted to Single mode. We are much more than we think we are, here and now, and perhaps in the distant past.

 "I've been thinking about this lately. We define progress as roads, wires, computers, etc. But the Mayans needed only math and good mason skills and some sonic know-how to create temples where the geometry amplified the tones, the hypnotic phased tones, of the priest. Stones pointed at the sky in just the right places to make a multi-thousand year calendar. Other tribes all over doing the same kind of stuff. Egypt, India, China. It's all over. They had roads and farms and doctors.. and what else?

 "Just because we've been tied to the copper wire and combustion engine doesn't mean that's the only way. Tesla knew this, many others have too. Abundant energy is all that is required for a stable society. They are starting to figure out now that the pyramids in Egypt served as giant electric batteries, among other things. But they have the clear evidence of acids and metals and pos/neg electrodes and conduits running the length width and height of the structure. Why such a big battery, in such a building? My point is what we call advanced is perhaps barbaric really, others have done it more beautifully and gracefully. Of course, where are they now? Look around. When you see a Mestizo Mexican you are looking at an Atlantean.
  "And time and dust consumes all eventually. Our toys will disintegrate and one day people will wonder about our stone works and giant batteries. Our most advanced things are the quickest to fade, this has to have been true for all time."

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Ya, what else DID they have?