Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Having survived complete kidney failure (no more dialysis, they recovered) and ongoing chemo treatments for Multiple Myeloma (bone marrow cancer, one of the nasty ones) has caused me to shift my priorities. Things I have ignored, the little blessings, I now give more attention to. Other things that have bothered me I dismiss, like small stuff, does not matter.

Been running periscope depth for the last week or so, studiously ignoring all events on the world stage, tuning in just enough so I know which way the wind blows. Which BTW is how I run these days, periods of "normal" lucidity shifting to back-brain mode. The reptile brain is on when anything else might not be.



Back brain, or reptile brain totally function on organism, instinct: see prey, kill and eat, see threat, dpjk, no eating required. Kept us alive since cave days so I guess it's all right, just refrain from  doing it in Burger King. Stay off the killing floor is my motto.

Skimmed Drudge, the cyber fave of the Men in Black, haven't missed much but it is spread out in such dreary prose. 

Why I like the Bible, scripture describes what's going on in sort of a poetic way: harlots, money-changers, Scribes and Pharisees. The human condition with hope and damnation in palatable prose, no bones and no choking. Look for the Revelation series again this Sunday. However pearls-before-swine it may be (Philistine and a few exceptions noted) we cannot hear warnings too often, can we?

I am seeing in myself a gradual shift to more fatalistic and cynical outlook. Like when I observe the dog & pony show we call politics, the international money thing, the moral and societal  decay. They are stealing copper pipes right out of houses, there are some goofballs running around burning flags, this is only the beginning. The fringe loonies acting out for perhaps the first time in their lives, crawl out of their wretched little basements and make their mark.

The MSM ignores the blatant injustices, indeed they promulgate 'em. Pre-emptive strikes are off the table; those with that capability such as military and LE are part of the problem. For those of us who look and can see what is going down, we are in reactive mode. Either pack up your gear and run off to the hills and sleep on the ground and shit in a hole and if Ma Nature doesn't get ya then another tribe will. Or stand yer ground in the be it ever so humble there's no place like home fortress. Where you can run out of food and water in comfort and wait 'til the fine young cannibals find you.

Me, I am in a living in the now mode and when something gets in front of me is the time to deal with it. Can't wait 'til the serious boyos start acting up. Actually I must wait, watching from the sidelines so to speak, oh, look, see the teams trotting out on the field?

Groups like these have the armament, the infrastructure, the will to commit murder and mayhem. Should be interesting to see them mix it up, eh?

Think you're gonna need a weatherman, know which way the wind is blowing?

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