Sunday, November 8, 2015


I am a Christian. Not the churchified all dressed up on Sunday and hope the neighbors see me kind. Not the fundamental and devout read the Bible every day kind. I am in the working world and the way I became a Christian was through a Pentacostal experience. I like to think that my belief is what I call "street Christian".

Before I came to the Lord I lived a not so nice life. I, ah, stole some horses in my past is the nicest way I can put it. The rough roads I travelled  strengthened my salvation. My past life experiences allowed me to take part in a Billy Graham Crusade, successfully helping young people out of the darkness and into the Light. I once volunteered in a Federal halfway house, helping cons transition into civilian life. I said to all those folks "I've been there, done that, probably did a few things you haven't thought of. Now the worst days I have are better than the good ones I used to have. I put all that darkness down and accepted Jesus."

I live my life these days having fun, jiving and joking, maybe cussing a little. My drinking days are long gone but I can still act goofy. Thing is, I want others to see that living a Christian life is not painful, boring, flat. What others see, if they want what I have all they gotta do is do what I did: quit their low-down ways and come to Jesus. It is an Inside Job, this faith thing. Actually, if folks don't want to accept Jesus, I'd settle for them merely having a belief in God. There's probably 23 different ways to get into Heaven.     

I've offered sermons, bible studies, inspirational articles. Today I'm serving up some music.

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