Sunday, February 14, 2016


People of faith have a logical idea of what life is all about.

Fear and Faith cannot occupy my heart at the same time.
These are troubled times and sometimes I am afraid. That’s fine, I’d have to be catatonic not to be. But I have learned over the decades (6.5 of ‘em and not done yet) that I do not want a fear-based existence. A spiritual framework helps. Mine is Christian but any will do if it includes morals, character values, behavioral guidelines, a perspective of how one fits in the world and a notion of God, or a Supreme Being, Master of the Universe, whatever you choose to call it. Fear or faith? Um, I'll go with faith.

It’s the uncertainty, the fear of the unknown, what’s gonna happen next. And, am I prepared for it? That’s why we have always had fortune tellers, sages, those like Cayce, Nostradamus, shamans reading entrails; they attempt to see into the future. Might as well flip a coin, be just as reassuring. It gives us comfort and makes the darkness not so dark. The Book of Revelation, last one in the Bible, deals with this as well.

 But, folks, the fear won’t go away if we rely on external things because they don't matter. What is awaiting me tomorrow or next year or ten minutes from now does not matter. How I deal with it, that matters. If I die, OK. If I don’t die, OK too. What life I live - Does. Not. Matter. How I live my life, that’s the thing. Life is an Inside Job. And running scared is not an effective strategy.

"I will try, and I will stumble, but I will fly, He told me so.
Proud and high or low and humble, many miles before I go."

Nobody knows the future; it cannot be “predicted”. Probabilities maybe, projection of trends and dynamics, but what about the random nature of life? All the people on Earth love, laugh, get sick, die, breed or ... go haywire and kill themselves or others for no apparent reason. Buildings fall down, aircraft come apart and crash in infinite combinations. Occam’s Razor demonstrates: slice a thing (or personality) very thin but eventually the thing falls on one side of the blade or the other. One side or the other: no preference, wind blowing, somebody jiggled the blade, who knows, and one teeny weeny electron tips the balance. If it is flying around its nucleus no telling where it’s gonna fall. If I hadda turned left instead of right back at that corner ... I would/would not have run over that kid that jumped out into the street. We are not machines and we do not live in a machine world. Come to think of it, all the machines I have ever seen are not infallible either. Sooner or later a wheel comes off, something comes unglued. Or a brick falls from the sky

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