Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Problems in the world are easier to understand if you reduce it all down to some basic dynamics.

While we're talking about money I remembered the triad of motivation and I tried in my clumsy crayon-on-paper-bag way to illustrate that.

    \                     /
      \                 /
        \             /
          \         /
            \     /
              \ / 

My art director took some time away from earning a living to accommodate me some art. I like it.

artwork by Philistine Copywrite limitations exist.

Every time you use the pic you owe me ten bucks.

Anyway, the explanation for most all of the troubles of our world today is money. Moola. Spondooli.

Don't believe me? Set aside your Republican/Democrat filter, your white-black-yellow-hispanic-gay-straight-whatever filters. Look at the political scene in this country. Look to the world stage where governments are not so much toppling as they are sliding down in a heap. The Mid East, rattling nukes around but think: oil. Analyze any situation in terms of money.

You wanna know what politicians and business leaders and environmental activists and the MSM and ________ rights groups and sports and PETA and churches and ... and ... &cetera are doing and why?


Dead simple. Any two of the three will get the other. Any one of the three will help getting the others.

That's just from pols and business leaders. Factor in the drug money and other illegal commerce and you get a pretty clear picture of who's zooming who.

Drug money:

Buddy, can you spare me a dime? The honest ones will beg; the dishonest will steal.

I call your attention to the script lower left. Take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly.

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