Friday, June 19, 2015


My pals claim that my blog has no serious content. No relevance, no, uh, perspective. Hmph, I will show them.

Here is a Lesson in Life as learned from our little friends in the animal world and stunningly presented in mixed-media-narrative format. There will be a musical intro followed by the fable, and a musical conclusion. Note-taking is encouraged.

An introductory piece of music will do to calm the anticipations and focus the attention.
Warning: closely watching the revolving disc can cause anaphasic reactions in the weak and infirm.

Here comes the lesson.

The killer instinct is not dependent on size. This little fella has the DPJK mentality from snout to tail. His victory howl says it all:

The conclusory music will help the viewers absorb and apply the lessons as they shift from the abstract to the real.

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Arthurstone said...

Interesting but frankly I'm a little disappointed my favorite Real Americans™ haven't weighed in on the terrorist attack at the Emanuel African Methodist Church in Charleston, S.C.

Gerard seems strangely silent on the subject as well.

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