Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Here is a pair of reposts, one today and the other when I feel like it. I have other priorities requiring my time so I offer two most excellent essays. These have the approval of my Public Radio director.

Only one piece of music accompanying; you'll have to hum something or listen to your own mind. It is OK; you are familiar with yourself, are you not?

 Read. Maybe check out the novel which I will introduce in Part 2. If you want tunes or T&A go someplace else, get yer fix and don't bother coming back.

 Anyone these days who wishes to survive and get through the tsuris should maintain a low profile. It does no good to get up on your hind legs and squawk about the government and its failings. Bragging about arms caches and mountain hideaways and how when the feds come 'round you're gonna ... The government can turn very bad very quickly, as in Martial Law, Executive Orders, DC gone dictator. Look at what happened during Katrina. Gun roundup by police and NGs, it's for your own good y'see. Review that. Look at Ferguson, at Waco, at the Boston lockdown, the Bundy standoff, the Waco Biker dog & pony show, open the windows and look at Jade Helm.

Look no further than Hitler, Stalin, Amin, Pol Pot, a dozen more that used the power and might and government and laws and structures to subvert and dominate the populace. When rebels wish to pull a coup or when dictators wish to consolidate control the first ones they go after are the leaders, the strong ones, the money guys, the media (well that one is already a slam-dunk) the potential sources of resistance. Lock 'em up, put 'em in box cars, just dissapear them, get them gone. The sheep will be no problem with no herd leaders. You think Sarah Palin or a basement full of beans and spam will be any good? Run away to the woods and sleep on the ground, toilet is a hole, gather together around a campfire and talk revolution until the IR heat-seeker drones find you and drop an RPG on your heads? Vote them out at the poles? hahahahahaha.

There are strategies we can employ, modifications to our lifestyles that will ensure our survival and they all involve low profile, stand in the shadows, avoid crowds, keep your head down, walk soft big stick so forth. Sun Tzu says that it is good for your enemy to underestimate you.

Part 2 is about a novel written back in early 1900s wherein the Czech nation endured subugation by the Austro-Hungarians. Funny and depicting a mindset from which we could benefit.

Josef Švejk  The novel's hero: in civilian life a dealer in stolen dogs.

Family lore has it that my uncle Louis Lóżko was the model for him. He was known in certain underworld circles as "Lets go" Lóżko.



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