Saturday, July 18, 2015


I don't think most people notice what's going on around them. Maybe catch a whiff of smoke, maybe hear the rumble of hooves just over the horizon, catch a vibe vague and below the sensory thresholds.

"huh? whazzat?"

"uh? wha? ain't nuthin, get me a beer while yer up"

Some notice but they don't want to process it, they hide out in a hash pipe or a beach condo with a leased Beemer. Some see it coming and say, "tha's OK, when it comes I'll be ready". My father told me "no time to get ready, got to be ready." A few are oh so ready they are already living as if the SHTF: hiding out in cabins up in the hills, eating spam and beans, a hole for a toilet, sleeping on the ground and drinking filtered stream water.

Friends, blow wise to this: no matter what we prepare for, or ignore and do nothing about, or half-plan for, we are gonna be surprised. And surprise always favors the attacker. Which doesn't necessarily mean that something is gonna pounce on us, what it means is that when the Powers That Be decide to put a lid on us we will be at a definite, if not fatal, disadvantage. It will be "Oh, no, suddenly it is too late".

 Go read about Kristallnacht. You think them Brownshirts are gonna put an ad in the paper, we're coming next Monday? Leave your window open, you will hear the boots.

This video shows scenes from the 60s, civil disobedience. You think people will be up against fire hoses and tear gas this next time, when they finally get up off the couch and try to fight back? Hahahaha. It will be boots and steel.

This, it ain't:

This is more like it:

When they kick in your front door,
how you gonna come?
With your hands on your head,
or on the trigger of your gun?


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