Sunday, July 26, 2015


I like John Hiatt. Musician, singer, songwriter. I identify with the songs he writes. So, I went looking for a song he wrote, title of this post matter of fact, and came up with a version done by Willie Nelson. Take the time read the lyrics, worth it.

The song is great; I included the lyrics since Willie mumbles a bit.

The Most Unoriginal Sin" by John Hiatt
as performed by Willie Nelson on "Across the Borderline" CD.

What there was left of us was all covered in dust and thick skin.
A half-eaten apple, or the whole Sistine Chapel
Painted on the head of a pin.
A life long love's work gone up in a smirk 
And you didn't even see her waltz in.
Now this love is a ghost, having played host
To the most unoriginal sin.
At the wedding we smiled while some devil played wild violin.
Soon after the chapel she offered me that apple,
One bite and I was gone with the wind.
And you needed no proof ‘cause the whole naked truth
Was wearing only an infidel's grin.
And a proud schoolboy's boast of having left his post
For the most unoriginal sin.
Now the jukebox is humming all the venal shortcomings of men.
Lord, I found me this drink that can finally sink
All the skills that I've been wallowing in.
Buddy once you get started, once true love's departed,
You do it over and over again.
So tonight I will toast just whoever comes close 
To the most unoriginal sin.

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