Monday, September 21, 2015


That's what they say, football is a game of inches. Hard to believe when you watch all that energy, slam, bam, and the runs and passes. But it comes down to inches, doesn't it? Kinda like life. The big plays and the long passes, even the punts are all swell but they don't happen every play. I live my life in smaller increments. Day by day, the little things.

I am glad the season is starting! Watching football is more entertaining and more meaningful than watching the pols and their dog and pony show. And remember this: at the football games they sing the Star-Spangled Banner. So there.

The Brocker was born and raised in Denver and she has encouraged me to root for the Broncos. I hail from Chicago but I don't like the Bears; I went with Green Bay. Well, as long as Bret was with 'em.

Lately I have taken an interest in the Broncos; I am giving them a closer look. Paying strict attention to the inches y'unnerstand.

A closer look at some of those inches

Satisfy Susie

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