Friday, September 4, 2015


I recently had the opportunity to re-acquire one of these M1s (the one on the right in the pic below). Serial number in the 700,000s, came out of Springfield Armory in July 1942. This sweetheart went to war, probably Pacific Theater. It is special to me, was the first one I got and I spent time restoring and fixing and polishing and shooting ... you get the idea. A labor of love. Let it go and regretted it and now she's back in daddy's arms.

I reposted the article I did with this fwd and a couple more pix. Oh, and tunes to play while you browse:

I owned and sold these, re-acquired the one on the right:

Type 2 lockbar sights, for anybody that knows what they are:

The rifle is the queen of battle and Patton called the M1 "the finest battle instrument ever devised". I've owned these, all Springfields, a 5-41, a 12-43 and a 7-42, but traded them off over time for other weapons, ARs, 1911s, S&Ws, whatever. Even a matched set of Colts, a 70 Series Government and Commander. But the M1 kept tugging at my heart so, yep, I bought another one. She's not ready for pix yet, shoots better than I do but needs some TLC so she looks good. (BTW the only thing I did to the stocks is linseed oil and elbow grease)

This little guy is trained to go for the throat

She was the closer, has since gone to Dog Heaven.

The backdrop for this pic is a target for a 120mm gun using laser sights. Not a bad group at 3 miles!

So mote it be

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