Tuesday, September 1, 2015


That's right. As in off yer arse, out the door, do some work:  jay oh bee = job.

I worked over 40 years as an electrician. After I did a hitch for my Uncle I went to school, went through an apprenticeship, paid my dues as they say. Last job I was a Diagnostic Electrician in a copper mine down here in NM. They mine over 110 thousand tons of ore a day and pump 30,000 gpm (that's gallons per minute) of solution through it and the electro-plating plant. The mine operates 24/7/365.

These trucks carry over 200 tons per load

These shovels run at 4160 or 7200 volts.

Most of the pumps I worked on run at 4160V. See the barge in this pic? Little white thing about nine o'clock in the pond? 

here's closer, there's a grey thing standing up on it, got a white cap on it? That's a pump about the size of a Volkswagen. I kept 'em running.

That's the way I roll.

When I worked night shift, I saw all the stars I wanted to.

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