Monday, January 25, 2016


After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, al-Qaeda (or al-Qa'ida, pronounced al-KYE-da) surpassed the IRA, Hamas, and Hezbollah as the world's most infamous terrorist organization. The latest terrorist Muslim group is ISIS.

Gradually increasing its hold on Middle Eastern countries, Muslim organizations have invaded and taken control of large tracts of land. Lately they have started infiltrating the countries of Europe and the United states by slipping in with refugees. Illegal immigrants.

Add up the European KIAs and missing in action and so on for WWI and WWII; none of it makes any sense. Tilt yer head and squint just so and it looks like a civil war. Two generations of select young men gone. No wonder Europe is like it is, the best breeding stock either dead, maimed or insane. By and large the descendants of the unfit, or their wives, or their "partners" run the place now. I notice the Muslims streaming into this vacuum are largely warrior stock.

Warrior stock, and breeders too. The Imam or whoever is encouraging these warriors to breed with women in the host countries. Half a Muslim means all Muslim.

The conditions are right for a Nationalist movement here in the United States. The movement has already taken hold in Germany, Belgium, other countries in Europe. The welcome mat for refugees has been abruptly pulled in, replaced with fences and razor wire.

Along comes the Iron Legion. From their website:

 "There is something very wrong with the modern world. A lot of people can feel it, a troubling sensation that something isn’t quite right. It might come to them when they are enduring the commute to work, packed into train carriages like cattle, or tapping their fingers on the steering wheel while they’re staring at the rows of glowing red brake lights in front of them. It comes to them while they are sat at their desk doing the same old things they did yesterday, for eight hours straight, desperately trying to pay off their degree or their mortgage or the credit card debt that they were promised would make them happy. It comes to them when they’re dozing in a room lit up by the television screen, when they are falling asleep in bed with their laptop. They know something is wrong but they don’t know what it is, but they know it is getting worse."

"The Iron Legion exists for the men who are seeing their communities, traditions and identities being eroded and attacked and want to fight back. We exist for the men who know that something must be done but don’t know where to start. We exist for the men who know that the politicians only serve themselves, not the people of our great nations. The Iron Legion is a brotherhood that gives support and leadership to men."

As Simon Wolfe defends his Iron Legion he offers a place for men that …want a mission. They want to be part of something which has a great purpose…

 I would think of The Greatest Generation going out there and saving Private Ryan. All blue skies and don’t sit under the apple tree. The  support of the citizens was a confluence of events and circumstances and timing that gathered such men in our country and offered them a mission: to keep the world safe for democracy. Unfortunately that confluence cannot be replicated in this country at this time. Too many splinter groups and special interest factions and too much disdain for values like patriotism.

What I see is the possibility of a Fourth Reich, one that’s going to last a thousand years or so. The rise of a Nationalist movement would stand a better chance of success after doing a little house-cleaning here at home. The German movement got rid of any dissenters and strongly urged the indecisive to join the movement or get on the cattle cars. The Russians did likewise, with trains to Siberia. We don’t have a vast wilderness so quick deaths and shallow graves would have to suffice. We do have plenty of Caterpillar D-10s.


Anonymous said...

True on all points.


Arthurstone said...

2016 brings a big shout out to the raving white supremacists and anti-Semites at The Iron Shield.

I'm not a bit surprised.

Arthurston said...

Iron Legion that is to say.