Wednesday, January 27, 2016


What bothers me about all the disaster stuff (and I include the economy, just like a hurricane or something) what bothers me is that we don't have the moral fabric to withstand troubles. Back in the '30s everyone for the most part believed in God or at least obeyed the don't steal, don't kill guidelines of the Commandments. Back then we helped each other if only in some small ways, but we did not hurt each other. 

Today we have thieves stealing A/C units from animal shelters, doors from rest stop toilets, train rails, wire and cable, etc. What do you  think they're gonna do, the food runs out? They will steal the pennies from a dead man's eyes. There will be a period of panic and looting and rioting starting from the urban core. Once the shops are emptied and burned down the mob will turn to people and families nearby.

And btw, all the preppers stocking up on food, setting up a mountain retreat, they are not all like the heroes in Patriots who read the bible, believe in the Constitution, fair & square type folks. There are plenty bad guys can figure how to stash food and ammo and wait 'til the crash comes. Jackals know how to hunker down during a storm too.

Viet Nam was my war. I learned how to blow things up and kill people. I haven't forgotten how to do it.


It will not matter what causes the crash; I think it will be more of a slow slide, but there will be a point of no return. Just like my dad said about women: you know how far to go with them ... when you've gone too far.

All the preparation might come to naught. Picture some shrewd preppers, got the cabin, the water filters, the cases of beans, so forth up the country someplace, and they're sitting at a Starbucks downtown, being all clever, when boom boom out go the lights. They get stuck with gridlock scramble and whoa, left their pistol in the vehicle and all of a sudden it is too late even for them. Some poor shmoe wearing one boot and one shoe, he and his wife and kids, they walk out of town (bicycles would be even better) and they stumble across the empty fortress. 

You know who's gonna make out the best? The hill folks of Appalachia, the hard-scrabble poor folks, the reservation Indians, all the people for whom poverty would be a step up. They will not even notice most of The Fall.

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Anonymous said...

Yessir! The poor will not only inherit the "RESET" world, they will own it/

Count me in. Sixty year ago when they sent me to public schools and had me a hot lunch for .10 and milk for .01, it was HEAVEN! Couldn't get over how grand it was--free warm running water, inside toilets, no chopping wood to warm a kettle, not milking cows or goats at 0500, weeding crops, (the work was endless to a kid.)

70 years old now and still tough as an old ash handle or hickory stick.

I ain't going quietly into the night, nope.