Thursday, January 14, 2016


What are you here for?

And you?

And you, what are you here for?

I'll tell you what we are all here for: we are all here to go.

Go? Where to? That depends on your spiritual framework. Heaven; Nirvana; the other side; come back again hopefully on a higher plane;

out into space, some planet where ammonia-breathing reptiles rule; Marduk, say hello to Harry Houdini when you see him;

cold dark hole six foot East and West and six foot perpendicular.

 Wherever and however you envision it. Because, you see, we are in a waiting room, perched precariously on the skin of this planet. Hang on, we are hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour. Spinning on our orbit at similar speed. Wasn't for gravity we'd all be flung out into space ready or not like a bean spun off a turntable, 33-1/3 or 45. We are all here waiting to go.

Ever notice, we are always waiting? Waiting for something to happen. Waiting for something to stop happening. Waiting for someone to get out of our way. Waiting for somebody to stop talking so we can jump in with what we have to say. Waiting for our ship to come in, we wait so long not realizing that all this time we have been on the ship. Look at your own self. Can you see how your life is defined in terms of waiting? Oh yeah, moments of glory or infamy, all boxed in by times of waiting.

These guys are waiting. Waiting for My Man. That's what you do, you a junkie, is wait. Wait to score, wait to get off, wait to get sick again enough that you go out, gotta score.They were waiting long before Kurt Cobain. I guess ol' Kurt couldn't hack it in real time; he got impatient.

I am not a patient man. The concept of waiting rubs me the wrong way but that is what it is. Anyone who owns a clock or looks at the sun is ... waiting.

Even these two are waiting:

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