Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Rule 62:  "Don't take yourself so damn seriously"

I'm not here to teach or preach, deny, defy, or simplify. I am not dispensing words of wisdom. Sometimes I say something wise or clever but usually by accident. If you came here to find out how to live your life you are looking in the wrong place. A person can compile a list of rules and regulations for living, hyper-vigilant and in excruciating detail. Politically correct personality modifications, behavioral patterns that are appropriate for social situations. Veneer. Personality rather than character. Character is a set of values, morals, passions and desires. Building blocks for the rest of life.

How To Live Life is an Inside Job. Get a guidebook (I use the Bible) and get up off the couch, get out there and live. Won't get any hay in the barn by standing around talking, and you won't learn much about Life reading blogs. You got to live your way into better thinking. 


There are a lot of blog sites and most of them fall into categories based on their style:

West Coast: Out there they have mastered the shot across the bow with a smile. East of the Cascades/Sierra Nevada ranges people get offended by the way West Coasters say things like:

“Hey, nice shoes -- NOT -- hahahahahaha”
(That means, “I like you…your shoes are goofy, but I like you.”)

(Silence means “what an effing freak, I hope he never calls again”.)

That’s West Coast communication. At first thought to be only in Cali, turns out it runs the length of the Western seaboard — mostly for urban types, I might add.


East Coast: They say stuff like:

“Oh look, those shoes again”.

(Means: “never wear those shoes again if you want to keep your job”.)

Different style all together.


Chicago: says “The shoes are f#*%ked … lose ‘em.”
(Means: just what it says.)

This is West Coast

This is East Coast

This is Chicago

Are there any questions about that?
This lifted off the pages of The Washington Rebel some months ago, before it imploded. The sophistry and polemical discussion on that blog site reached critical mass:

 I doubt the efficacy of teaching, though it's noble indeed to attempt it. Witness the enormous learning, wit, and insight of so many wonderful bloggers whose voices can now be heard. Still, as entertaining as their efforts are, it seems to me that the effect of their work in defeating the liberal, grifter enemy is marginal. Colonel B. Bunny

  That happens on a lot of sites, especially the ones that Take Themselves Oh So Seriously.
 When you get so many bloggers saying the same thing back and forth to each other you get a feedback loop. Like looking at the girl on the Morton Salt container, she's carrying a Morton Salt container with a picture of a girl carrying a Morton Salt container, with a picture of ...
I would add,
Indeed, there is no result for the efforts at all, merely academic exercise, pedantic pontificating and preaching to the choir: "See how clever I am?"

The commenters think the sun shines out their ass; they can do better than the guy that created the blog and they gonna show us, by God. 
The shoe fits me too so I gotta wear it. But I don't have to take it too damn seriously. Besides, if you can't laugh at other people, who can you laugh at, eh? 


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