Saturday, January 3, 2015


I first posted this back in August 2011. That's the way I saw it then. Shifting the paradigm. I see what's going on now, more of the same old malarkey. I wonder  what these two woulda done. And they are, ahem, easy on the eyes.

OK, so I am not a political genius. Actually, I have eschewed the farce that donkeys and elephants are acting out. I would not know GNP if it hit me in the ass. But ... however ...on the other hand (I love these qualifiers) I will toss out my 2¢ worth on the upcoming elections.

For POTUS we have had a redneck governor who can't keep his lumber in his pants, we have suffered a two-bit community organizer whose only claim to fame seems to be his race, in the past we have endured a peanut farmer softer than a sneaker full of shit, so forth, so on. The last good one was the one not afraid to drop some bombs. It is time to bump it up a notch, to get way outside the envelope. What do we have to lose?

Ahem, I suggest we embrace a prez/VP team of the following:

Yeah, she runs hot.


With the Good Old Boys and some fat money backing them up we might be able, pull out of the hole we are in. They would be up front, enacting the draconian financial policies needed to get the economy under control. They can take the hits.

Need oil? Drill. Too much staff, too many committees? Yer outta here. Fly a couple hundred to Europe for wine and cheese? Nope, it'll be Milwaukee for beer and brats. Problems with Putin or any other posturing leaders? Um, you boys sit here, let me talk to your wife.

Yeah, yeah, gimme some flak. I'm nuts. Uh, yeah. How many a you guys are married, or chased after dames, or remember your mommas?

Let me draw your attention to this picture, titled Wisdom and Strength. Note the guy, sleeping. What's she got in her right hand, uh?

What is important is to realize that whatever we have been doing is not working.

Desperate times require drastic measures. Sounds melodramatic, uh?
Military coup, third party takeover, states seceding from the ailing Union? Foreign invasion? Nuclear meltdown, EMPs, Aliens fro outer space?

Folks, something drastic must happen or we will continue sliding down the slippery slope to mediocrity and third-world ruin.

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