Friday, January 16, 2015


Blues for Friday. Figured you got through the week OK without my help.

Thinking about the life I have lived so far, I carry few regrets and those are more about people I have hurt rather than bad decisions I have made. There's a whole lot in life I don't care much about, but I am pretty well centered in my own spirituality and the older I get I allow that there's probably about 23 different ways to get into Heaven.

"Everybody's got their own way to butter their bread" as my father would say; "Don't trust the priests, son, all they got a key to is the shithouse".

And besides, as I get older I am paying more attention to the evidence and less to the arguments.

When I see some of these punks running their game I want to say “Kid, I ran with bikers, shot junk, robbed banks. My hands have taken lives and saved lives. I worked with the Billy Graham Crusade, I got a million miles of highway under my ass. I slept with dogs and danced with angels. I got screwdrivers older than you, what are ya gonna show me, uh?” 

I have had a lot of joys too, and if I could get in the time machine, go back, I would not change anything. Except for the part about hurting people.

There are a lot of places I have no desire to revisit. I do "remember when" and once was enough.

Yeah, we all used to be bullet-proof. Time has a way of wearing things down, of dulling the blade, so to speak.

Had some loves, and lost some loves. Never got to the point, I wanted to top myself.

 My father told me "Son, never lay down with a woman that has more troubles than you." There's a couple times, I shoulda listened.


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