Tuesday, September 25, 2012


When the French lost control of Canada on the Plains of Abraham a couple hundred years ago (go to Wikipedia if you must get bogged down in facts) one option for the Acadians was to leave the country. They headed south to the Louisiana Territory which was still under French control. There they blended in and are part of Louisiana modern culture. "Acadian" gradually changed to "Cajun" in that wonderful way we Americans morph words and language. The New Orleans sub-culture has a lot of French influence and the only good part of that has been the New Orleans Saints, haw haw. The food too, yeah, the food.

Notice that the predominant instrument is the accordion; the best instrument in the world, influencing music like no other instrument has ever done. For an excellent dissertation on the scientific and cultural facts go here.

Uncle Bud contains profanity, which is why they call it the "adult version", although nowadays kids cuss before they get pubic hair. Go figger. No rhyme intended.

Could not resist Hank's version; blue-eyed soul brother is what he is.