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Balfour, Lloyd - Jewelry
Bartholdi, Frederic A. - Designed the Statue of Liberty
Baylor, Robert E. B. - Founder Baylor University
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder Boy Scouts
Bell, Lawrence - Bell Aircraft Corp.
Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln - Father and Son who carved Mt. Rushmore
BuBois, W.E.B. - Educator/Scholar

Calvo, Father Francisco - Catholic Priest who started Freemasonry in Costa Rica 1865
Chrysler, Walter P. - Automotive fame
Citroen, Andre - French Engineer and motor car manufacturer

Desaguliers, John Theophilus - Inventor of the planetarium
Dow, William H. - Dow Chemical Co.
Drake, Edwin L - American Pioneer of the Oil industry
Dunant, Jean Henri - Founder of the Red Cross

Ervin Jr, Samuel J. - Headed "Watergate" committee

Faber, Eberhard - Head of the famous Eberhard Fabor Pencil Company
Fisher, Geoffrey - Archbishop of Canterbury 1945 - 1961
Fitch, John - Inventor of the Steamboat
Fleming, Sir Alexander - Invented Penicillin
Ford, Henry - Pioneer Automobile Manufacturer

Gatling, Richard J. - Built the "Gatling Gun"
Gilbert, Sir William S. - Was the librettis for "Pirates of Penzance"
Gillette, King C. - Gillette Razor Co.
"Grock" - Swiss Circus Clown
Guillotin, Joseph Ignace - Inventor of the "Guillotine"

Hedges, Cornelius - "Father" of Yellowstone National Park
Henson, Josiah - Inspired the novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Hilton, Charles C. - American Hotelier
Hoban, James - Architect for the U.S. Captiol
Hoe, Richard M. - Invented the rotary press, revolutionizing newspaper printing
Hoover, J. Edgar - Director of FBI
Houdini, Harry - Magician

Jenner, Edward - Inventor - Vaccination
Jones, Melvin - One of the founders of the Lions International

Lake, Simon - Built first submarine successful in open sea
Land, Frank S. - Founder Order of DeMolay
Lipton, Sir Thomas - Tea

Marshall, James W. - Discovered Gold at Sutter's Mill California 1848
Mayer, Louis B. - Film producer who merged to form Metro-

Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)Mayo,
Dr. William and Charles - Began Mayo Clinic
Maytag, Fredrick - Maytag
Menninger, Karl A. - Psychiatrist famous for treating mental illness
Michelson, Albert Abraham - Successfully measured the speed of light in 1882
Montgolfier, Jacques Etienne - Co-developer of the first practical hot-air balloon

New, Harry S. - Postmaster General who established Airmail
Newton, Joseph Fort - Christian Minister

Olds, Ransom E. - American automobile pioneer
Otis, James - Famous for "Taxations without Representation is Tyranny"

Papst, Charles F. - Coined the term "Athletes' Foot"
Peale, Norman Vincent - Founder of "Guidepost"
Penney, James C. - Retailer
Poinsett, Joel R. - U.S. Minister to Mexico who developed the flower: Poinsettia
Pullman, George - Built first sleeping car on train

Ringling Brothers - All 7 brothers and their father were Masons

Salten, Felix - Creator of Bambi
Sarnoff, David - Father of T.V.
Schoonover, George - Founder of "The Builder"
Stanford, Leland - Railroads & Stanford University, drove the gold spike linking the intercontinental railroad
Still, Andrew T. - American Physician who devised treatment of Osteopathy

Teets, John W. - Chairman and President of Dial Corporation
Thomas, Dave - Founder of Wendy's Restaurant
Thomas, Lowell - Brought Lawrence of Arabia to public notice

Wadlow, Robert Pershing - Tallest human on record being almost 9 feet tall
Warner, Jack - Warner Brothers Fame
Webb, Matthew - First man to swim the English Channel (1875)
Wyler, William - Director of "Ben Hur"

Zanuck, Darryl F. - Co-founder of 20th Century Productions in 1933
Ziegfeld, Florenz - His Ziegfeld's Follies began in 1907


You beginning to get the idea? (Not you, Philistine; maybe someone clicked here by accident and kept reading.)

I am not saying we need more Masons to get us out of the hole we are in. We need more men and women who have virtues and morals; the same attributes found in Masonry and BTW, all the major spiritual frameworks, the fraternal organizations, any gathering that considers the persons on this list as Good men and share the values they display. These virtues are universal and pretty simple.

Here's more Masons. Notice there are some Black guys, some Jews, some foreigners, some who actually do not have the United States best interests at heart? This is not an American thing, nor a Christian thing. You will see farther on that Masonry is world-wide.

Surprised yet?

Musicians and Composers
Roy Acuff
Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong - 1900-1971, American jazz musician
Eddy Arnold
Johann Christian Bach - German composer
William "Count" Basie - American jazz composer & band leader
Irving Berlin - 1888-1989, Russian-born American songwriter
Roy Clark - Country music star
George M. Cohan - 1878-1942, American singer, songwriter & playwright
Nat "King" Cole - 1919-1965, American singer & pianist
Reginald DeKoven -
Edward "Duke" Ellington - 1899-1974, American jazz composer, pianist & bandleader
Sir William Schwenck Gilbert - 1836-1911, English playwright & lyricist
Franz Joseph "Papa" Hayden - 1732-1809, Austrian composer
Burl Ives -
Al Jolson - 1886-1950, American entertainer
Francis Scott Key - 1779-1843, American lawyer & poet
Franz Liszt - 1811-1886, Hungarian pianist & composer
Jakob Ludwig F. Mendelssohn - 1809-1847, German composer, pianist & conductor
Glenn Miller - 1909-1944, American bandleader
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 1756-1791, Austrian composer and dirty old man
Roy Rogers - American singer & actor
Jean Sibelius - 1865-1957, Finnish composer
John Stafford Smith - wrote the music that became the US National Anthem
John Phillip Sousa - 1854-1932, American bandmaster & composer
Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan - 1842-1900, English composer of operettas
Mel Tillis -
Paul Whiteman - "King of Jazz", 1891-1967. American jazz musician
Casanova - Italian adventurer, writer and entertainer                                          
Buffalo Bill Cody 
Norm Crosby  
Grock - Swiss circus clown
Paul Harvey--  Noted radio commentator
Bob Hope
Harry Houdini--  Fascinated with magic and metaphysics
August Ringling--  Master of the circus
Charles Stratton
Enrico Wallenda-- High wire artist
Florenz Ziegfeld - Ziegfeld's Follies

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes.

You can also tell a lot by observing the company he keeps.

Then and now we observe certain people (I include women too, but this is, ahem, an essay on Masons. I am no misogynist.) We observe these folks doing the right thing. Noble, heroic, generous, strong, all positive qualities. Used to be most everybody did the right thing and no big deal, that's just what you did. I see less and less of these folks as I get older. Nothing wrong with my eyes, something wrong with our society.

Here's some more Masons:

 Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - American Astronaut
Neil Armstrong - American Astronaut; first to walk on the moon
Gordon Cooper
Don Eisele
John H. Glenn - First American Astronaut to orbit in space
Virgil Grissom - American astronaut
Fred Haise
Edgar Mitchell
Wally Schirra
Thomas Stafford
James Webb
Paul Weitz

 Richard E. Byrd - American Naval officer and polar explorer
Christopher "Kit" Carson - American frontiersman and Indian agent
William Clark - American western explorer, military officer
Lewis and Clark- American western explorers
Meriwether Lewis - American western explorer
Charles Lindbergh - American aviator; first solo transatlantic flight
Donald MacMillan - American Arctic explorer
Robert E. Peary - American Naval office and Arctic explorer
Zebulon Pike - American Army officer and explorer; Pike's Peak
War Heroes
 Henry Harley ('Hap') Arnold - 1886-1950, American Air-force officer
Omar Nelson Bradley - 1893-1981, American military leader
James Harold ('Jimmy') Doolittle - 1896-1993, American Army officer & Aviator
Douglas MacArthur - 1880-1964, American general--
            Interesting that he was sacked by Grand Master Harry S. Truman!
George C. Marshall - 1880-1959, American soldier, diplomat & statesman (Nobel 1953)
Audie Murphy - 1924-1971, Most decorated American Soldier of WWII and actor
Oliver Hazard Perry - 1785-1819, American Naval officer
John Joseph ('Black Jack') Pershing - 1860-1948, American Army officer
Edward Vernon ('Eddie') Richenbacker - 1890-1973, American Aviator
Charles Summerall
Alfred vonTirpitz - 1849-1930, German Navel officer responsible for submarine warfare
Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright - 1883-1953, American general


Friendship, Morality, Brotherly Love. Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, Justice. Charity. A belief in God. These attributes formed our nation and they are essential to keep it together.

For centuries, many folks held these attributes and practiced them in their daily affairs as a matter of course. No big deal, that was just the way you did things. Right and Wrong were clearly and succinctly defined. No shades of gray.

Freemasons uphold these concepts, sworn oaths to God; they adhere to solemn obligations regarding conduct. Yes, there are many other good men in the world who are not Freemasons, not to dismiss or disregard them. But this here is an essay on the Oldest Fraternity in the world.

Here is a list, I'll post it in parts. You might be surprised who was and is a Mason:

Signers of the Constitution of the United States
Abraham Baldwin
James McHenry
Gunning Bedford Jr.
James Madison
John Blair
Alexander Martin
William Blount
Robert Morris
David Brearley
William Paterson
Daniel Carroll
William Pierce
William Richardson
Davie Charles Pinckney
Jonathan Dayton
Edmund Randolph
Oliver Ellsworth
George Read
Benjamin Franklin
Roger Sherman
Elbridge Gerry
George Walton
Refus King
George Washington
John Langdon
George Wythe
John Lansing Jr.

 Signers of the Declaration of Independence
Benjamin Franklin
John Hancock
William Hooper  
  Richard Stockton
Matthew Thornton  
 George Walton
William Whipple

John Blair - 1732-1800
Benjamin Franklin - 1706-1790, statesman, diplomat, author, scientist and printer
Francis Scott Key-- Wrote our National Anthem
John Hancock - 1737-1793, merchant, politician and Revolutionary leader
Rufus King - 1755-1827, politician and diplomat
Henry Knox - 1750-1806, American Revolutionary soldier and public official
George Mason - 1725-1792, American Revolutionary statesman
James Otis - 1725-1783, Famous for "Taxation without representation is tyranny"
Thomas Paine - 1737-1809, English-born American author & Revolutionary leader
Peyton Randolph -
Paul Revere - 1735-1818, American silversmith, engraver and Revolutionary patriot
Joseph Warren -
 Samuel Colt - 1814-1862, American inventor & manufacturer
David 'Davy' Crockett - 1786-1836, American politician & frontiersman
Richard Gatling - 1818-1903, American firearms inventor
Sam Houston - 1793-1863, American general & politician.  Was genuinely born-again late in life.
William Barret Travis - 1809-36, American military leader, killed at the Alamo