Monday, August 31, 2015


I got involved in a rather disturbing string of emails involving my cousin, Jake the Hammer, and my Art Director Philistine. Rather than edit what could be earth-shattering information I shall endeavor to present it as it unfolded. I sure am glad I got people like this in my life.

Draw a couple double espressos, spin the tune, and hang on:


I been figgerin’. Night shift’ll do that to a man, set him to figgerin’.

As ya know, or ought to, FMI is the biggest copper miner in the universe. Least that’s what they tell us when they gather us all together for one a them safety lunches – cold enchilada casserole and keychain flashlights and mesh-back caps. Or a t shirt made in some country, I didn’t even know they had countries, some a them places.

Anyhoo, the Climax Mine is up there in Henderson CO, about 13,000 feet above the ocean. I guy I was talkin’ to, worked up there as a snowplow driver, a year round job the way he sez it, and he sez that part a his route, he calls it root, was to plow a road that ended smack up agin a rock face. He sez he saw tire tracks and such, but they stopped right at the face. Wish’t I may never!

Then I got to rememberin’ there’s this official atomical clock that the gummint has, accurate to one millionth of a second a month, that they got comin’ from a satellite that’s buried in the mountain somewhere in Colorado, and it beams out the time, I guess even goes down to folks’s houses ifn they clock is slow; I dunno how that part works but I guess if they can put flags up on the moon they can time a clock.

So I got to wonderin’ how that works if the thing, probably don’t look like a clock, more like a sputnick er somethin’, ifn it’s buried up there in the mountains at 12 thousand feet, mebbe the cave is 6 er 7 thousand feet deep, why that’d put it about the elevation I live at every day. You do the math. I hadda ask the missus on that one, I never carried the twos and all like that. Be like havin’ the thing in my back yard although my dogs wouldn’t set too kindly to that, mess up their bird patrol. The little un, Biscuit, the missus was gonna call him Muffin but I sez uh uh that’s fer a girl dog, not this lil fella, so Biscuit it was. He gets a bird er two every week, jes like clockwork … saay, clocks, uh? And they wouldn’t want no atomical anything settin’ there in their kill zone.

Which brings me ‘round Robin Hood’s barn to the question I’m havin’, which is when every day as I get off shift and I’m comin’ home and at a certain time the sun shines right in my eyes as I’m drivin’ but that don’t concern me none, I been drivin’ that root ever’ day and besides there’s not much cars out at that time, but I’m driftin’, so I been noticin’ that the sun ain’t comin’ up at the same time ever’ day like it’s supposed to, it looks like it’s fast gettin’ a start, and how come the atomical clock can slice up the seconds pretty fine but old Sol cain’t git it?

Are we sufferin’ from some kinda solar speedin’ er somethin’? Mebbe all them storms they got up there on the sun is speedin’ the thing up some and cain’t we fix it with that atomical clock? You bein’ a fella with some learnin’ (even though you keep it pretty close under yer hat), you might shed some light on my perplexion. Jes’ figgerin’.

You don’t know where the itch is until you scratch it with your own hand.

 (I ain’t really itchin’, I reckoned it sounds more perfessional ifn I stick things at the end of my epistles) I hain’t been lousy in years since I quit layin’ down with gals that had more troubles than me.

To which Philistine responded:


One would have to measure the rate of solar advance and extrapolate that over time to determine if man has anything to do with this new solar earlyness. By your report it seems that the sun is rising early, by probably only a minute or two (or you'd really notice one day is light, the next complete darkness). So if the sun rises earlier by a minute or two each day, then in half a year (180 days) the sun would be rising as early as 2 or 3:30 am. In another year, the sun won't rise at all. This is some serious earth changes you have noticed!

Now, the police and government will never admit to this due to any number of factors:

a) could be the oil companies, and we know how they own Congress and every research university on the planet, so don't believe anything you hear from congress or a university about this;


b) could be space aliens trying to put us into some kind of hibernation so they can harvest our flesh easier, and we all know aliens have been running the show since Roswell. That was an invasion, not a crash. (it only takes one alien ship to invade earth, they are powerful beings);

c) or the UN has a poverty modification program that involves slowing down the day in productive countries so that poor countries can catch up.

I think we should be getting this information out in every way available. Don't bother with the news, Congress, or the police. Go straight to You Tube with this, twitter and tweet and facebook it; it will stand out on its merits and will sweep the world with truth.


Jake comes back with:


I think as to how it is all a them rolled in to one. I can see the strands connectin’ them all up: them aliens, the ones that flied here, not the ones came up in a beater Chevy, they is controlling the oil companies and the UN all at once, with the validation supplied by the puppet guvvermint what has been in place ever since Truman left office, which is at the time of the Roswell incident. You think he left office on his own? Er, maybe he got horse-headed into it.

I got some more disturbing facts which I been collectin’, which is that same old sun what has been startin’ up earlier is also quittin’ later. That’s right, what I said, later and later ever’ day. Acherly I noticed this strangeness last year but I put it off to I’m tired or not watchin’ my clock close enough. There just ain’t no reason why the sun oughta be risin’ and settin’ at different times ever’ day, 'cept what you been sayin’ about a b and c. 
Down in my heart I know what I gotta do, which is bypass yootoob altogether, they is controlled as well. I got to get this info out by way a the Spillers of Soup. They has always been champions of Truth, Justice, and the Sword mightier than any pen man has ever invented. Let the chips fall where they may, and if’n you don’t hear from me after that, you’ll know what happened.


Not to be outdone, in a final word kinda way, Philistine responds:


I have also noticed something similar on a daily basis, and it goes like this:

When I get up at 6 or 7 am it's always 50 or 60 degrees outside. It slowly warms until around midday. Fortunately some kind of natural heat-abatement, perhaps related to your "sun goes down later" observation, makes this process reverse before nightfall. If you think about it real hard, what would happen if this natural process of heat abatement was somehow interrupted by man made activities? After all, it's definitely man made warming from 7 am until 2pm... so what if the natural cooling was somehow replaced by even more man made warming? By midnight it would be hot enough to bake cookies on your porch in open air! This is a serious issue relating to the natural balance of the planet, which is obviously very tenuous.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

WHITE HORSE conquest

OK, we gonna put this out again in 4 easy to digest installments. 

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are described in the last book of the New Testament of the Bible, called the Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John the Evangelist at 6:1-8. The chapter tells of a scroll in God's right hand that is sealed with seven seals. Lamb of God (Jesus Christ) opens the first four of the seven seals, which summons forth four beings that ride out on white, red, black, and pale horses. Although some interpretations differ, the four riders are commonly seen as symbolizing Conquest, War, Famine and Death, respectively. The Christian apocalyptic vision is that the four horsemen are to set a divine apocalypse upon the world as harbingers of the Last Judgment.

 White Horse
I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come and see!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest. Revelation 6:1-2
The exact nature and morality of the apocalyptic white rider is not clear. He has been argued to represent either evil or righteousness by multiple sources. The other three horsemen represent evil, destructive forces, and given the unified way in which all four are introduced and described, it may be most likely that the first horseman is correspondingly evil. Artwork which shows the horsemen as a group, such as the famous woodcut by Albrecht Dürer, suggests an interpretation where all four horsemen represent different aspects of the same tribulation.

The first horseman is often associated with military conquest. One interpretation—which was held by evangelist Billy Graham—casts the rider of the white horse as the Antichrist, or a representation of false prophets, citing differences between the white horse in Revelation 6 and Jesus on the white Horse in Revelation 19. In Revelation 19 Jesus has many crowns, but in Revelation 6 the rider has just one.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Ever wonder about the power that women have over men?

 Men, don't fool yourselves. Take due notice and govern yourselves accordingly. If you can circumscribe your desires and keep your passions within due bounds it will help.

And read the poem. Much wisdom is contained therein.

The Female of the Species - Rudyard Kipling
When the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride,
He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside.
But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

When Nag the basking cobra hears the careless foot of man,
He will sometimes wriggle sideways and avoid it if he can.
But his mate makes no such motion where she camps beside the trail.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

When the early Jesuit fathers preached to Hurons and Choctaws,
They prayed to be delivered from the vengeance of the squaws.
'Twas the women, not the warriors, turned those stark enthusiasts pale.
For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Man's timid heart is bursting with the things he must not say,
For the Woman that God gave him isn't his to give away;
But when hunter meets with husbands, each confirms the other's tale -
The female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Man, a bear in most relations - worm and savage otherwise,
Man propounds negotiations, Man accepts the compromise.
Very rarely will he squarely push the logic of a fact
To its ultimate conclusion in unmitigated act.

Fear, or foolishness impels him, ere he lay the wicked low,
To concede some form of trial even to his fiercest foe.
Mirth obscene diverts his anger - Doubt and Pity oft perplex
Him in dealing with an issue - to the scandal of The Sex!

But the Woman that God gave him, every fibre of her frame
Proves her launched for one sole issue, armed and engined for the same,
And to serve that single issue, lest the generations fail,
The female of the species must be deadlier than the male.

She who faces Death by torture for each life beneath her breast
May not deal in doubt or pity - must not swerve for fact or jest.
These be purely male diversions - not in these her honour dwells.
She the Other Law we live by, is that Law and nothing else.

She can bring no more to living than the powers that make her great
As the Mother of the Infant and the Mistress of the Mate.
And when Babe and Man are lacking and she strides unclaimed to claim
Her right as femme (and baron), her equipment is the same.

She is wedded to convictions - in default of grosser ties;
Her contentions are her children, Heaven help him who denies! -
He will meet no suave discussion, but the instant, white-hot, wild,
Wakened female of the species warring as for spouse and child.

Unprovoked and awful charges - even so the she-bear fights,
Speech that drips, corrodes, and poisons - even so the cobra bites,
Scientific vivisection of one nerve till it is raw
And the victim writhes in anguish - like the Jesuit with the squaw!

So it comes that Man, the coward, when he gathers to confer
With his fellow-braves in council, dare not leave a place for her
Where, at war with Life and Conscience, he uplifts his erring hands
To some God of Abstract Justice - which no woman understands.

And Man knows it! Knows, moreover, that the Woman that God gave him
Must command but may not govern - shall enthrall but not enslave him.
And She knows, because She warns him, and Her instincts never fail,
That the Female of Her Species is more deadly than the Male.


Friday, August 28, 2015


I'm not sure where I got this, probably one of the firearms forums.

Lt.  T.C.“Pidge” Robinson, Texas Ranger

15)  Forget about knives, bats and fists. Bring a gun. Preferably, bring at least two guns. Bring all of your friends who have guns. Bring four times the ammunition you think you could ever need.

14)  Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice. Ammunition is cheap - life is expensive. If you shoot inside, buckshot is your friend. A new wall is cheap - funerals are expensive.


13)  If your shooting stance is good, you're probably not moving fast enough or using cover correctly. 

12)  If you are not shooting, you should be communicating, reloading, and running. Yell "Fire!" Why "Fire"? Cops will come with the Fire Department, sirens often scare off the bad guys, or at least cause then to lose concentration and will.... and who is going to summon help if you yell "Intruder," "Glock" or "Winchester?"

11)  Accuracy is relative: most combat shooting standards will be more dependent on "pucker factor" than the inherent accuracy of the gun.

10)  Practice shooting in the dark, with someone shouting at you, when out of breath, etc.

9)  Have a back-up plan, because the first one won't work. "No battle plan ever survives 10 seconds past first contact with an enemy."

8)  Watch their hands. Hands kill. Smiles, frowns and other facial expressions don't (In God we trust. Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them.)

7)  Anything worth shooting is worth shooting twice.  (See above) 

6)  The faster you finish the fight, the less shot you will get.

5)  Stretch the rules. Always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose.

4)  Regardless of whether justified of not, you will feel sad about killing another human being. It is better to be sad than to be room temperature.

3)   Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

2)  In ten years nobody will remember the details of caliber, stance, or tactics. They will only remember who lived.

1)  The only thing you EVER say afterwards is, "He said he was going to kill me. I believed him. I'm sorry, Officer, but I'm very upset now. I can't say anything more. Please speak with my attorney."

For Sure


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The Distinction

A time would come within a few years, when Ruben Vega would go to the church in Benson, kneel in the confessional, and say to the priest, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.  It has been thirty-seven years since my last confession . . . Since then I have fornicated with many women, maybe eight hundred.  No, not that many, considering my work.  Maybe six hundred only.” 

And the priest would say, “Do you mean bad women or good women?” 

And Rueben Vega would say, “They are all good, Father.” 

He would tell the priest he had stolen, in that time, about twenty thousand head of cattle but only maybe fifteen horses.  The priest would ask him if he had committed murder.  Rueben Vega would say no. 

“All that stealing you’ve done,” the priest would say, “You’ve never killed anyone?”

 And Rueben Vega would say, “Yes, of course, but it was not to commit murder.  You understand the distinction?  Not to kill someone to take a life, but only to save my own.”

(text from an Elmore Leonard story The Tonto Woman)

I have made that distinction a number of times.


Monday, August 24, 2015


Some of my Bona fides:

 I worked at a variety of jobs in my career and some of them involved "stealing horses" a euphemism I use to represent work I did on the dark side of the street. Uncle Sam trained me well in the dark arts but that is a story for another time. I hope the rats have made fine nests with the files in those cardboard storage cartons.

I also worked for a number of years in the electrical trade. it was there that I was made a member of the AOEW. The Ancient Order of Electrical Wizards.

I worked  as an electrician at a mine down here in New Mexico. The voltage coming on to our property was like that in the vid (138,000 volts). I worked around sub-stations that took that voltage down to 46,000 volts and others that took the 46kV down to 4160V.

There's power, as in sex-money-power, and there is power which is more, uh, volatile.

I worked with switchgear that controlled large motors, 600hp large.

There is something about being around that sort of power that I was attracted to. I am not deluded, think that I controlled that energy. I just managed it and directed its usage. There was a sense of danger, like walking close to the brink or going 100 mph on a motorcycle or shooting powerful weapons or setting off explosives and there is a healthy fear of the stuff. We had redundant safety protocols, adequate PPE ( personal protective equipment) and strict SOPs (standard operating procedures) that we followed but there was always an edge, a dynamic of energy waiting to be unleashed. A proximity to really really big power.

This next clip is not funny. It is a tragic accident that happened to some electricians doing work similar to mine; the one electrician was cranking in a circuit breaker and something went wrong. He was not wearing proper PPE but would not have survived the 40,000 degrees F arc flash even with it on. The other guy was seriously injured as well. While my safety margin was big there was still danger lurking just below the surface.

 God rest their souls and thanks be to God for my safety.

I am not a hero. There is no "glory" in what I did. I merely did my job as best I could.

So mote it be.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015



While all is being said, not much is being done.
To address a scourge such as Islam we must think in terms of extermination.
Think: Dresden;
Think: Hiroshima and Nagasaki;

Collateral damage? Every time some unfortunate guy gets beheaded and the video goes viral?
Really, collateral damage? You're worried some kids or old people are gonna get killed?
When they kill one of ours, we kill one hundred of theirs.

It has been seen and experienced in most every other country in the world, from the "super-powers" to the Third World yocky-dock countries: Islam is not a good thing. It benefits nobody, apparently not even the adherents.

We are all listening to rumors that something bad is gonna happen. Instead of cowering and hoping that it won't happen near us we should be fire-bombing Baghdad and other concentrations of Muslim terrorists. Can't find 'em? Enlarge the target area.


We have no problem executing a heinous killer, baby raper, mass murderer, so forth; we have no problem killing an unborn child in mother's womb in the last trimester of pregnancy; we have no problem carrying a concealed weapon or having a weapon in the home to stop a threat to life and limb which usually leaves the perpetrator dead.

We have a problem, it seems, waging war on a radically psychopathic ethnic group that has killed, raped, maimed, enslaved, brainwashed and destroyed other people since oh, about 1200AD.

We have a problem administering the kind of military actions that will be decisive in eliminating the threat. Think: Dresden, no problem there. Think: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, no problem there.
We have a problem over-reacting to the situation the way we did at Waco and the Branch Davidian compound, the way we did at Bundy's ranch.
Folks, as unpleasant as it may appear, going against spiritual principles that I and many others espouse in Christianity, the only solution for the Muslim threat is to kill every last one of them, their families, their friends, their neighbors; to lay waste to their crop lands and salt their wells, to destroy their buildings such that no two stones lay atop one another.
The justification, if one is needed, is that the Muslims are Evil. Whether we are spiritual or worldly, believers or atheists, young, old, gay or straight, male or female, White or Black, or any other combination of the above, the paradigm in which we all repose dictates that some things are good, some bad, and some Evil.
I chose the word Evil to describe the enemy which threatens the world. There is a moral, perhaps spiritual paradigm assumed. Can there be any doubt that the followers of Islam do harm to all other people?

This is not a domestic problem. No need for the societal remedies like public executions or racial segregation and control. Every country contends with its own troubles, like racism, poverty, over-population, degenerated morals. Let each country deal with their troubles as they see fit.

On a global scale, the Evil ones are the Muslims: radical, conservative, wishy-washy, Westernized, all variations that hold the Koran as their holy book.
Some may be found in our country but the problem is on a world scale and any peoples harmed by the Muslims must come together to fight the foe.

The remedy to the damage and destruction, the murder most foul and the barbaric actions of Muslims can only be met with a force strong enough to overcome once and for all that which threatens all others.
Death sudden, overwhelming, final, no hesitation, and thorough by whatever means will accomplish the end result — elimination of the Evil.

 One branch of the Spillers of Soup clan travelled south, settled in what is now Romania. They gave fealty to a ferocious leader who had some interesting and effective methods for dealing with the encroachment of Islam in Europe.
He spoke to Muslims in a language they could understand.

Historically, Vlad III is best known for his resistance against the Ottoman Empire and its expansion, and for the impaling of enemies.

I have killed peasants men and women, old and young, who lived at Oblucitza and Novoselo, where the Danube flows into the sea, up to Rahova, which is located near Chilia, from the lower Danube up to such places as Samovit and Ghighen. We killed 23,884 Bulgars without counting those whom we burned in homes or the Turks whose heads were cut off by our soldiers...Thus, your highness, you must know that I have broken the peace with him (Sultan Mehmet II).

Impalement was Vlad's preferred method of torture and execution. His method of torture was a horse attached to each of the victim's legs as a sharpened stake was gradually forced into the body. Death by impalement was slow and agonizing. Victims sometimes endured for hours or even days. Vlad often had the stakes arranged in various geometric patterns. The most common pattern was a ring of concentric circles in the outskirts of a city that constituted his target. The height of the spear indicated the rank of the victim. The corpses were often left decaying for months.

Vlad the Impaler is alleged to have committed even more impalements and other tortures against invading Ottoman forces. It was reported that an invading Ottoman army turned back in fright when it encountered thousands of rotting corpses impaled on the banks of the Danube. It has also been said that in 1462 Mehmed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, a man noted for his own psychological warfare tactics, returned to Constantinople after being sickened by the sight of 20,000 impaled corpses outside Vlad's capital of Târgoviște. Many of the victims were Turkish prisoners of war Vlad had previously captured during the Turkish invasion. The total Turkish casualty toll in this battle reached over 40,000. The warrior sultan turned command of the campaign against Vlad over to subordinates and returned to Constantinople, even though his army had initially outnumbered Vlad's three to one and was better equipped.

Say what you will, he recognized the enemy and knew how to deal effectively with them.


Monday, August 17, 2015


Folks are getting fed up with the Blacks rioting, looting, robbing, raping, killing all in the name of justice or equality or something. Ferguson was the latest example of unrest.
From a friend who shall remain nameless:

What I saw was law enforcement protecting the looters and arsonists. What I saw was Missouri's Guard penned up like POWs. What I saw was the news media claim this feral rampage was "understandable." What I saw was a President demand we accept responsibility for the violence. What I saw I've seen before, what's new is what I heard, a sound from the quiet heart of the nation, the sound of something newly wakeful turning to face the hounds.
  "There is simply no room left for 'freedom from the tyranny of government' since city dwellers depend on it for food, power, water, transportation, protection, and welfare. Your right to live where you want, with companions of your choosing, under laws to which you agree, died in the eighteenth century with Captain Mission. Only a miracle or a disaster could restore it." W. S. Burroughs — Cities of the Red Night

"When Blacks riot, neighborhoods burn. When Whites riot, continents burn."

This is a noisy raucus audio assault just right for you guys after you've slammed down a couple double espressos. Those NPR and Beach Boys tunes, too much of that crap will make your brains go soft. 

This song seems to be an anthem with the European youth: poor folks overthrowing the chains of tyranny and oppression. Sounds great, something we could get on with here in the US. It is indeed a stirring song taken from a folk ballad glorifying the noble deeds of Florian Geyer when he was involved in a peasants' revolt back in the 1500s. Sadly no accordion in this version although you can bet your boots there was in the original.

A rousing tune, yes? And noble sentiments are conveyed. The Spillers of Soup approve of this song, especially the part about making some poor bastards jump over the blade.

The song comes from a German song "Wir sind des Geyers schwarzer Haufen" ("We are the Black Band of Geyer"). Florian Geyer was a Franconian Knight who joined the rebels in the German Peasant's War of 1525, rallying under the Peasantry's famous "Bundschuh" flag, which is a red black and white flag with a peasant's boot or clog as the emblem.

Troops of Geyer clad in black are we
Heia o-ho
And we will stamp out tyranny
Heia o-ho

Spearmen ho! Forward go!
On the castle roof let the Red Cock crow
Spearmen ho! Forward go!
On the castle roof let the Red Cock crow

When Adam dug and Eve did toil
Heia o-ho
No princes trespassed on their soil
Heia o-ho

Bold Geyer's men their arrows shoot
The knights are laid low
His banner bears a peasant's boot
To stamp out the foe

The noble's only God is pride
Heia o-ho
The Holy Scripture is our guide
Heia o-ho

We're beaten though our cause is right
Heia o-ho
Our sons will carry on the fight
Heia o-ho

Some explanations of the symbolism in the lyrics:

"Roter Hahn" = literally "red rooster", but as a figure of speech = "the flames of a burning building",  so:
"setzt aufs Klosterdach den roten Hahn!" = "put the red rooster on the abbey's roof!" = "torch that convent down!"

"Kyrieleis" = indeed a corrupted form of "Kyrie Eleison"

"trotz Acht und Bann" = "despite being outlawed and excommunicated"

<something> "in der Fahne führen" = "to have <something> as a device on ones flag", both literally and as a figure of speech for "to commit oneself to something",
"Den Bundschuh führt er in der Fahn" = "he uses the Bundschuh in his heraldry" (the shoe was the heraldic symbol of the rebellion) and "he is committed to the cause"

"über die Klinge springen" = literally "to jump over the blade" = "to be killed",
"gar mancher über die Klinge sprang" = "many were killed"

Alright, alright, leave you on a sweeter note:

Sunday, August 16, 2015


The Holy Bible is the Rule and Guide to our faith and practice.

 It is one of the Three Great Lights in Masonry.

Ecclesiastes 9
American King James Version
4 For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion.
5 For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.

Ecclesiastes 12
American King James Version
1 Remember now your Creator in the days of your youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw near, when you shall say, I have no pleasure in them;
2 While the sun, or the light, or the moon, or the stars, be not darkened, nor the clouds return after the rain:
 3 In the day when the keepers of the house shall tremble, and the strong men shall bow themselves, and the grinders cease because they are few, and those that look out of the windows be darkened,
4 And the doors shall be shut in the streets, when the sound of the grinding is low, and he shall rise up at the voice of the bird, and all the daughters of music shall be brought low;
5 Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goes to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets:
6 Or ever the silver cord be loosed, or the golden bowl be broken, or the pitcher be broken at the fountain, or the wheel broken at the cistern.
7 Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was: and the spirit shall return to God who gave it.
8 Vanity of vanities, said the preacher; all is vanity.