Tuesday, May 6, 2014


You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes.

You can also tell a lot by observing the company he keeps.

Then and now we observe certain people (I include women too, but this is, ahem, an essay on Masons. I am no misogynist.) We observe these folks doing the right thing. Noble, heroic, generous, strong, all positive qualities. Used to be most everybody did the right thing and no big deal, that's just what you did. I see less and less of these folks as I get older. Nothing wrong with my eyes, something wrong with our society.

Here's some more Masons:

 Edwin E. "Buzz" Aldrin, Jr. - American Astronaut
Neil Armstrong - American Astronaut; first to walk on the moon
Gordon Cooper
Don Eisele
John H. Glenn - First American Astronaut to orbit in space
Virgil Grissom - American astronaut
Fred Haise
Edgar Mitchell
Wally Schirra
Thomas Stafford
James Webb
Paul Weitz

 Richard E. Byrd - American Naval officer and polar explorer
Christopher "Kit" Carson - American frontiersman and Indian agent
William Clark - American western explorer, military officer
Lewis and Clark- American western explorers
Meriwether Lewis - American western explorer
Charles Lindbergh - American aviator; first solo transatlantic flight
Donald MacMillan - American Arctic explorer
Robert E. Peary - American Naval office and Arctic explorer
Zebulon Pike - American Army officer and explorer; Pike's Peak
War Heroes
 Henry Harley ('Hap') Arnold - 1886-1950, American Air-force officer
Omar Nelson Bradley - 1893-1981, American military leader
James Harold ('Jimmy') Doolittle - 1896-1993, American Army officer & Aviator
Douglas MacArthur - 1880-1964, American general--
            Interesting that he was sacked by Grand Master Harry S. Truman!
George C. Marshall - 1880-1959, American soldier, diplomat & statesman (Nobel 1953)
Audie Murphy - 1924-1971, Most decorated American Soldier of WWII and actor
Oliver Hazard Perry - 1785-1819, American Naval officer
John Joseph ('Black Jack') Pershing - 1860-1948, American Army officer
Edward Vernon ('Eddie') Richenbacker - 1890-1973, American Aviator
Charles Summerall
Alfred vonTirpitz - 1849-1930, German Navel officer responsible for submarine warfare
Jonathan Mayhew Wainwright - 1883-1953, American general

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