Wednesday, May 7, 2014


You beginning to get the idea? (Not you, Philistine; maybe someone clicked here by accident and kept reading.)

I am not saying we need more Masons to get us out of the hole we are in. We need more men and women who have virtues and morals; the same attributes found in Masonry and BTW, all the major spiritual frameworks, the fraternal organizations, any gathering that considers the persons on this list as Good men and share the values they display. These virtues are universal and pretty simple.

Here's more Masons. Notice there are some Black guys, some Jews, some foreigners, some who actually do not have the United States best interests at heart? This is not an American thing, nor a Christian thing. You will see farther on that Masonry is world-wide.

Surprised yet?

Musicians and Composers
Roy Acuff
Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong - 1900-1971, American jazz musician
Eddy Arnold
Johann Christian Bach - German composer
William "Count" Basie - American jazz composer & band leader
Irving Berlin - 1888-1989, Russian-born American songwriter
Roy Clark - Country music star
George M. Cohan - 1878-1942, American singer, songwriter & playwright
Nat "King" Cole - 1919-1965, American singer & pianist
Reginald DeKoven -
Edward "Duke" Ellington - 1899-1974, American jazz composer, pianist & bandleader
Sir William Schwenck Gilbert - 1836-1911, English playwright & lyricist
Franz Joseph "Papa" Hayden - 1732-1809, Austrian composer
Burl Ives -
Al Jolson - 1886-1950, American entertainer
Francis Scott Key - 1779-1843, American lawyer & poet
Franz Liszt - 1811-1886, Hungarian pianist & composer
Jakob Ludwig F. Mendelssohn - 1809-1847, German composer, pianist & conductor
Glenn Miller - 1909-1944, American bandleader
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - 1756-1791, Austrian composer and dirty old man
Roy Rogers - American singer & actor
Jean Sibelius - 1865-1957, Finnish composer
John Stafford Smith - wrote the music that became the US National Anthem
John Phillip Sousa - 1854-1932, American bandmaster & composer
Sir Arthur Seymour Sullivan - 1842-1900, English composer of operettas
Mel Tillis -
Paul Whiteman - "King of Jazz", 1891-1967. American jazz musician
Casanova - Italian adventurer, writer and entertainer                                          
Buffalo Bill Cody 
Norm Crosby  
Grock - Swiss circus clown
Paul Harvey--  Noted radio commentator
Bob Hope
Harry Houdini--  Fascinated with magic and metaphysics
August Ringling--  Master of the circus
Charles Stratton
Enrico Wallenda-- High wire artist
Florenz Ziegfeld - Ziegfeld's Follies

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