Friday, September 27, 2013



The passage I am seeking is Isaiah 19:19-20. It is a pivotal quote in the first volume of a four volume set on pyramidology that I bought in San Francisco for sixty bucks, but the author has written the passage in its original Hebrew, fully aware that the reader will have to refer to the Bible to find out what is said. The only thing else he lets you know about the passage is that it contains 30 words and 124 Hebrew letters, and that when the numerical value of these ancient words is added up by a process known as Gematria the sum total of the passage equals 5,449, which is the height of the Great Pyramid in pyramid inches.

 The pyramid inch is a unit so close to our own inch (25 pyramid inches = 25.0265 of our inches) that I will henceforth refer to these units simply as inches. 5449 is also the weight of the pyramid in tons times a hundred.

         Comparisons continue ad infinitum. Compressed within the scope and accuracy of the Great Pyramid’s angles and proportions seem to be all the formulae and distances pertinent to our Solar System.

         This is one of the reasons we don’t want to switch to the metric system. It’d be like cutting off our feet so we could get Birkenstock transplants.

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