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This is one of the wells where I draw my water.

We always have the Holy Bible, Square and Compasses on an altar at the center of a lodge room:
  • The Bible as the rule and guide to our Faith and practices;
  • The Square to square our actions with the Square of Morality;
  • The Compasses to circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds. 
For behold, how good and how pleasant it is for Brethren to dwell together in unity.


WM: My Brother, in your present blind condition what do you most desire?
   C: Light.

Character of a Freemason

In The Farmers Almanac for 1823 published at Andover, Mass., the following was printed under the heading, "Character of a Freemason":
The real Freemason is distinguished from the rest of Mankind by the uniform unrestrained rectitude of his conduct. Other men are honest in fear of punishment which the law might inflect; they are religious in expectation of being rewarded, or in dread of the devil, in the next world. A Freemason would be just if there were no laws, human or divine except those written in his heart by the finger of his Creator. In every climate, under every system of religion, he is the same. He kneels before the Universal Throne of God in gratitude for the blessings he has received and humble solicitation for his future protection. He venerates the good men of all religions. He disturbs not the religion of others. He restrains his passions, because they cannot be indulged without injuring his neighbor or himself. He gives no offense, because he does not choose to be offended. He contracts no debts which he is certain he cannot discharge, because he is honest upon principal.

The observance of law and order and the duty of patriotism are primary duties imposed on all Freemasons. Freemasonry is organized patriotism, standing for just laws, loyalty and cooperation. There is no room in Freemasonry for treason or disloyalty. Freemasonry is the enemy of communism and anarchy; does not tolerate the undermining of public virtue or social stability; and has no use for the man who plots behind the flag which protects him. "In the state you are to be a quiet and peaceable citizen, true to your government and just to your country. You are not to countenance disloyalty or rebellion, but patiently submit to legal authority and conform with cheerfulness to the government of the country in which you live."

A Masonic lodge is a guarantee of good order, and strength to the community; it stands for morality and law and for law-abiding citizenship. There are today thousands of Freemasons in positions of trust and responsibility in the state. No rebellion was ever plotted in a Masonic lodge for the Masonic obligation binds us to uprightness and fair dealing.

Link to a list of famous Freemasons. Wikipedia.

Note the number of politicians, judges, military leaders, entertainers. Role models, that's what they were. Something sadly lacking nowadays.


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