Saturday, November 7, 2015


There is a "doomers" mindset that is quite the rage these days. It vibes: fear.

 With our country tanking, the moral fabric of our society unravelling, wars we are not winning, squalid little third-world countries waving nukes around, Mother Earth ignoring us pathetic little humans and doing her thing with storms, drought, earthquakes, so forth as she has done before we got here and will do after we are gone, (BTW not a denial of God, merely anthropomorphing, making it easy to grasp the concept of global conditions), anyway with all this bad stuff happening or imminent, humans react in two ways: they either dismiss/ignore it or they take actions: y'know, get ready for it.

STORMBRINGER offers this, there is very good advice all over the blogosphere concerning Get Ready.

Get ready? Get ready? Ready for what? All the bunkers and mountain hideouts and cases of beans and toilet paper, some guns and ammo, ham radios, solar stills, and what if some space aliens come along, freeze everybody on the spot?

Or what if we get some weather?

Or a simple virus gets loose?

Or what if God says "Ach, that's enough" and lets the Apocalypse unfold?

Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth. Mike Tyson

No matter what we do and how much we prepare for everything, we will be
surprised. There is no time to get ready, we got to be ready. A bic lighter and a Spyderco in your pocket will get you through if you have the inner stuff.

Inner stuff? Blow wise to this: most of the preparedness is an Inside Job.

Meditate, pray, get your center balanced; do all you need to do to have inner strength and the externals will not matter.

Getting ready that way is highly recommended. Build on rock, not sand.

so mote it be

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