Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Neither does rust. Nor does money. Time marches on, for that matter.

This is gonna be one of those multi-media posts that my Art Director is so fond of. After you finish perusing the pic, engage the tunes and read on.

I see a lot of people that are getting ready. Preparing. Planning and gearing up. They anticipate when they will be ready and when their life will start. Scheming about the future and dreaming about the past. As if they are at a movie and they got the popcorn and soda and they sit patiently, waiting for Life to start. Woe unto them. Little do they know that all this time they have been living. Life has been happening as they are sitting on the bench or doing the warmup exercises.

Some folks think they have missed the boat, not realizing that for all these years they have been on it.

It is the moments, the days, the years one after the other that make up a person's life. Life is a process, not an event. How much of your life have you missed already? How old are you? Have you not noticed what has been going on all around you?

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