Monday, March 9, 2015


Before I do more posting I will explain something. I have had many cars, too many females, lots of money (I reckon at least a million bucks has slipped through my hands) some friends, plenty of jobs. These are all renewable resources. Lonely, happy, sad, rich, poor, in wheels or on foot, in a bed or in the back seat of my car, all comes and goes.

Being afflicted with cancer has changed a lot of my perspective. I do not want to waste time. I only have what the Good Lord gives me and that could be ten minutes or ten years.

But time, ah, that is different. Time marches on, and once gone is gone for good. No instant replay except in the back of my mind, the moment comes, lingers briefly, and is gone.

Now that I am retired I have more free time; my days allow me more time, that's true, but priorities dictate how that time is utilized.

I recently acquired another M1 Garand and I am spending some time restoring, fitting, and finishing her.

It is like this: should I spend three hours putting some posts together that nobody reads? (and I don't give a shit if they do or don't). Except maybe Philistine, but he is my Art Director and he is kin. Or, should I spend three hours fitting hand guards and applying linseed oil, installing a new gas cylinder? 

Blow wise to this: a keyboard never got me a rabbit for the stewpot and would not be much use against a burglar, unless I threw the thing at him. With the way things are going these days, we might not have an internet, but we will have all our tools. 

So there ya go. Read 'em and weep. Better yet, get out to the range and plink some tin cans or go gather some food. That will serve you better than net surfing or blogging.

So mote it be. 

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