Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I reckon that's how much road passed under my butt since I started driving.

Back in '62 I got my drivers license and my dad took me to one of his pals and helped me buy my first car.


38 Chevy coupe.
It didn't look as nice as this one, mine was body work in the back yard and an Earl Scheib $29.00 paint job, but it was mine. One of the rites of passage boys-to-men.

Next car I owned was this one. 3.4 liter inline 6, dual overhead cams, Abarth tuned exhaust, burned a quart of oil every 100 miles. Yeah, I know, but nobody else at high school had one. I sure pulled some chicks with that one. Trouble is, no back seat.
One of my pals wanted to drive it while I wasn't around so he hot-wired it. He hot-wired it all right, the damn thing caught on fire and that was all she wrote for the Jag.

 55 Jaguar XK 140 with a C racing head. 16" wire wheels, do an honest 130 mph. I know because a State Trooper friend of the family took me out and we clocked it.

Next was a 56 Chevy 4 door sedan, 6 cylinder and a power-glide (two speed) transmission. Dad kinda clipped my wings, y'see.

By then I was 18 and having flunked out of college (I was too smart for them) I got married and got drafted and that just about ended my exotic cars period. Although I did enjoy driving the deuce-and-a-halfs.

This here's a "deuce-and-a-quarter", what we called a Buick Electra 225 

I went through a bunch of normal cars: 68 Plymouth 4 door, an ex State Police car, that thing ran like a scalded dawg; a 65 Rambler (for about two weeks, couldn't stand the embarassment); some more Chevys, Chevy II, Nova, so forth; a Toyota; a VW Rabbit.

Next interesting car I owned was this one. My dad gave it to me about a year before he died. I drove the wheels off it, couldn't part with it for a long time.

El Camino. Small block V8. Had to put elevator weights in the back end to keep traction.

Last car I drove was a 98 Chevy Blazer. Had 300k miles on it, new engine and a rebuilt tranny. It was my working tool until a fender-bender. The insurance people said they would total it out and I took the money. I am currently driving another Chevy Trail Blazer.

I told the Brocker this here one would be my next one.
She said "uh uh". And gave me the look so I know she is serious. Anyway I figger it would be good in gridlock, haw haw.

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