Monday, October 5, 2015


Sometimes me and the missus take vacation time in California. NorCal with family and SoCal with friends. Must be the air here, maybe proximity to ocean or sea level altitude, but things is different here. Back in New Mexico there is an almost grinding connection to reality but here, here is not tethered to anything solid.

NorCal the folks are blissfully unaware of any impending danger. Rainbow coalition and organic food can take the edge off real quick. The sheep are grazing unaware of any wolf pack circling. Latest eye makeup, lease payments on the beemer, never ever wear the same shirt twice. This area will serve as a buffer zone, a feeding stop when SHTF and the zombies attempt to move northward. My advice to Oregon and the border towns, blow the bridges first thing.

SoCal is kinda the same but with more edge. The airy fairy types stay out of the way, don't go out after dark; the hard boys, they run at periscope depth 24/7. Under the radar but always in strike position. 

I dunno, guys like me, we got the SA, we can see things that others miss. Might call it paranoid, I call it staying alive.

Oh, there is one thing that is essential for a Cali vacation. Well, maybe a couple things, like always keep sight of land, stay away from crowds, don't breath too much.

Ok, the one thing ya need is moola. Spondooli. The, ah, do re mi


not a bad song for a commie, uh?

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Doug said...

dystopian enemy country is what that is.
see that every time I come down off this mountain and venture into "civilization". only thing it is good for now is getting a few things while that is possible, and a reminder of how cataclysmic the fall is going to be.
after 58 years on this earthly plane, the slide is apparent, and the bottom is way down below still, sometimes it is pretty scary looking upon that world lost out there, and knowing so many blissfully don't have a glimmer.
most can't accept the very possible advent of this society bottoming out in tiny doses from loved ones who understand and have a cautionary care.
its the rate of acceptance when time is up that is so worrisome.
hail Mary, full of grace, but for there but the grace of God i go.

we should be so blessed as the jews, as God's chosen people.
we lost our way.
i hope there is providence and redemption to be found.
i would like to think so

not all of us belong to the cultural marxist human extinction movement.