Saturday, October 10, 2015


No doubt about it, reloading and range time. Time well spent for any of us.

My latest interest is a Marlin 1894 carbine in 357 mag. No pix yet. I'm loading 158gr hollow points pushed by 16gr of Win 296 powder. Shoots flat out to 100yds, delivers over 400 ft-lbs out there. Nice thing is I can carry it along with my S&W 686 and use the same ammo. Just the thing when I'm casual cruising, not looking for trouble. White Zone, you might say, go visit the neighbors. 

If I think I'll be heading into Orange Zone it'll be the AK. I sold the AR for a good price; it was too fussy for me and just did not seem sturdy enough. 

If I wanted to get downright premeditated, it would be my M1.


Speakers up. You should rattle the windows. This music was played hundreds of years ago on pipe organs in huge cathedrals that were built acoustically.  And they rattled the effing stone walls.

The M67 is for the flat-out-and-fuck-it mode.