Friday, June 12, 2015


This post comes as a public service to those of us still free from the thrall. It may offer some explanation for all the screwy stuff going on today in the world. Give you something to ponder or to laugh at while I think of something worthwhile to say. Er, that might take some time.

We got the planet warming up or cooling down, polar bears dying as they have been doing for centuries; the Sun flaring up and sending electro-magnetic waves out all over the place. Planets being so big it takes more effort to manipulate 'em, but it can be done.

The people, that is a huge indicator. I guess folks have acted weird for centuries but nobody thought it was extraordinary and nobody wrote anything down about it. Until Recently. Now we have missing birth certificates, non-existent college records, a vacuous VP; folks acting as if possessed. There is some dame claims Indian heritage, probably the closest she ever came to that was listening to this:

Who do you suppose is behind all these anomalies? There are many things we cannot explain if we stay in the flat-earth mentality. 

People have gone "missing":

Hoffa, Hendrix, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Houdini, the list goes on. All mysteriously "disappeared". The party line says they died. Sure. Vanished is more like it. How? Where to? Why? These queries will be addressed here and now.

One has to know how to search.


Back in the day, certain government agencies (I'm not at liberty to name names but you can look to the alphabet for clues) became uncomfortable when some popular figures gained too much power and influence over an otherwise docile citizenry.  Not having the capability to handle such things with any finesse (think: that mess on the grassy knoll) they enlisted the aid of other-worlders by opening gateways, or portals, to alternate dimensions.

Hence we have entities like Zelda all too eager to divert the target individuals

These other-worlders often take the form of normal regular everyday Joes but a discerning eye and a garage door opener will soon find them out. BTW they are allergic to magnets. I have taken to wearing a belt buckle that is a strong magnet.

I know, I know, you think I am ranting about conspiracies but, boys and girls, all I am doing is shedding light on some dark and obscure moments in our nation's past. Your neighbors have moved ... oh, have they? You don't see that girl you had a crush on in high school? Hmm, wonder where she went? (I don't).

Look to the stars. Look to the planet Marduk.

Soon all of us must start wearing foil-lined headgear or we may fall under the thrall of Those From Elsewhere.

Protective yet fashionable, Philistine recommends something like this. He oughta know, he is an Art Director.

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Anonymous said...

"garage door opener will soon find them out."

I've always relied on the channel changer. Good to know another device will work.