Tuesday, June 9, 2015


What with all this high finance money moving dog-and-pony-show going on I got to thinking about money. Not the trillions. To paraphrase Joe Stalin: "one dollar in debt is a tragedy, one trillion is a statistic". No, I got to thinking about my mortgage payment; I have to pay the guy 40 bucks to fix my lawn mower; cost of food; cost of ammo; buy a new pair of jeans, that sort of money. Down on the level where I live. Within my perimeter so to speak.

Interesting to see all the thievery going on. Stealing copper wire, manhole covers, the metal doors on the rest stop bath stalls, tires and wheels from parking lots, etc. I figure the people that are on the dole will get their money (what they deserve y'see) one way or another. Those of us that have jobs, pay taxes, so on, we will be supporting these parasites by giving them welfare checks every month or subsidizing them through their theft of our assets.

 And this is before any food shortages, power outages, breakdown of infrastructure. When the lights go out, the gas pumps run dry, Sam's Club runs out of food, things will get a bit more nasty. Look at how people acted when Hurricane Sandy hit the shores. Recipes for bbq dog surfaced.

My understanding of economics is pretty basic:

Are there any questions about that?

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