Sunday, June 28, 2015


Everybody is wondering, what do we do now? Economy dumping, politicians creeping, social fabric unravelling, God being shoved out of the way, brother turning against brother, death wish just below the surface.

"Now is the time for better men to make a difference in this world. It is time for better men to speak up. It is time for better men to take a strong hand in the everyday affairs of the world. It is time for better men to show up in every aspect of daily life. It is time for better men to lead by example. It is time for better men to be the strong and positive influence in the daily outcomes of the people they meet. It is time for better men to live out "square dealing" in their affairs with all mankind."

 I spent some time reading and reflecting, getting centered and balanced again. Here's something I came across, taken from a Masonic Grand Lodge newsletter: 

"Every day, the world requires spiritual and moral regeneration. As a Mason, I have no doubt that Freemasonry plays a very important part in this vital need. Freemasonry is now, as in days past, a force focused on making good men better.
"How is it that we, as Masons, do it? The direct answer is Freemasonry's rituals and obligations, which align the way we deal with the world and the people in it. Becoming familiar with these guidelines allows us the opportunity to be particular about the outcomes in our life. These things allow us to choose right-minded, sound thinking to better ourselves.
"Better lives depend on getting the "good stuff' put into the recipe of our everyday living. That takes planning. It takes thinking. It takes knowledge about how to think - that is, problem solving. In a simple sense, problem solving means getting from where you are to where you need to be. Functionally, it means creatively discovering what is missing and producing a sound solution - that's where the "good stuff" is.
"It has long been observed that wisdom is love and knowledge combined. Masonic wisdom is a sound, long-standing approach used to choose good morals and develop a sound spiritual life. Wisdom determines positive outcomes in human progress as a consequence of human thought. Wisdom drives our consciences to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. The "good stuff" of Masonry is in its rituals, obligations, principles, and lectures.
"It has also long been said, that "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he," A man is literally what he thinks; his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts. Our conscience, as a collective humanity, must continually deal with the presence of unsound thoughts. Love and knowledge produce wisdom, or what Freemasonry openly recognizes as right-minded, sound thinking.

"Sound thinking is usually at direct odds with emotion-based thinking. Facetious thinking lacks serious intent, being basically frivolous. Cynical thinking is the disbelief of another individual's integrity and sincerity. These approaches tear at the moral and spiritual fabric of society in general and the individual in particular. Facetiousness and cynicism are the symptoms of a hopeless humanity, lacking an enlightened point of view.
"Freemasonry has always been a source of enlightenment in the moral and spiritual life of men; it is needed now more than ever. Knowing right from wrong, compassion from neglect, and generosity from greed - these are the simple distinctions Masons use to choose well and wisely. That makes them the “better” men.
"Defining moments, strength and inspiration, mentors, role models, the wisest person you ever met, what you value in friends, what makes you laugh, your greatest fear and how you overcame it, where you're going from here, all these things comprise what it means to be a better man today. Better husbands, fathers, sons, family men, citizens, and leaders
- we are sorely needed to make a difference for the better.

That's what does it for me, folks, my Masonic teachings. Oh, and reading the Bible.


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