Tuesday, May 26, 2015


So my art director, Philistine, brought this vid to my attention. he's not the author but we both like 1911s and he wanted to show me the kind of things he does to actually earn money.

He and I back and forth. I gave him the italics:

P: I use, teach, and sell Autodesk Inventor. Autodesk, the company that created the top selling CAD software AutoCAD almost 30 years ago. Every academy nomination for animated films in the last 12 years were for films that used Autodesk graphics software. I've been using Inventor, their 3d program, since day 1.5. I know all the developers and most of the management from participating in their customer studies and workshops. I often get called to the mothership to give my opinions on improvements to the program. It's cool. I will probably work there one day. They love freaks like me.

Me: Academy awards, uh? Saay, I been figgering, with my excellent taste in museum-grade music and your talents I bet we could make some music vids. Too bad I am not more current on music, find something we both like together. I reckon polkas is off the table.

P: As for making vids for Youtube: if you have Microsoft Office you have Powerpoint. You can use powerpoint to arrange slides, animations, text, music, and all the timing. It's easy once you do it a couple times. My Doctor AudioSource vids were all stitched together in Powerpoint, and I added text and other video effects. Once you have a Powerpoint presentation that plays like a video, you can record it with free-ware called Powerpoint to Youtube or PPT2YouTube and this will squish it down to a manageable size and make a video file you can upload.

Me: "As for making vids for Youtube" er, I didn't really see myself with hands on the crank, actually doing all that work. I saw myself providing the inspiration and getting some nimble-fingered young man to do the clicking and inserting, whatever. Y'know, someone who is familiar with these things. A guy that can morph visions into reality. Royalties feature heavily in the appeal.

(I don't think I can talk him into helping me. Sigh, I'll just have to muddle along with other folks' videos.


The Czechs are excellent gunmakers;

Showing art such as this:


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