Monday, May 4, 2015


Rule 62:  "Don't take yourself so damn seriously"

The most impor­tant tasks of the aspir­ing blogger are:

(1) blog daily;

(2) link head­lines;

(3) excrete out­rage - vainly, and rep­e­ti­tiously;

(4) throw on some boobs;

(5) don't drink, and don't die;

(6) use post titles that contain buzz words to attract strangers;

I'm not here to teach or preach, deny, defy, or simplify. I am not dispensing words of wisdom. Sometimes I say something wise or clever but usually by accident. If you came here to find out how to live your life you are looking in the wrong place.

A person can compile a list of rules and regulations for living, hyper-vigilant and in excruciating detail. Politically correct personality modifications, behavioral patterns that are appropriate for social situations. That's like, veneer. Personality rather than character. 

Build character. The core values which should remain constant whatever the situation is. How to live life is an Inside Job. Get a guidebook (I use the Bible) and get up off the couch, get out there and live.  

Actually, bub, you're on your own. YOYO. It took me decades to get there; perhaps you'll be a quicker study.


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