Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Got a recent post from my art director. Seems he is on sabbatical from his position at NPR where he has been doing field work on a series concerning psycho-socially debilitated trans-gendered mutant non-White Third World old people who render Life into Art. He gets a piece of the grant money sloshing around as long as he has certain buzz words in his titles. 

He's got the smart phone, got the Garmin, got the meals voucher for MacDonalds and Starbucks nation-wide, got the Prius and a gas card, he is busting it.

When he makes contact with the material world by way of a job (he is not a Luddite I will have you know ) he has some interesting clients, dpjk folks that make machines. He calls my attention to some awesome machines and it is worth the click. When you get to the homepage you can select many fascinating vid clips. You thought the shredder was something you bought at Office Depot, put your old love letters in it and worry about getting jammed on the staples?

He sent this from a location en route:

Especially funny is the "Car: Hippie bug" video, bwuahahhahahaa

Seems like, with enough of these things, we could reduce all of civilization to a pile of scraps in mere months, bury it all in the Grand Canyon, and go back to hunter-gatherer life without missing a beat. Screw up, build something, make something, and it's off to the shredder with you and your ghastly technology.

Local artist's latest gallery work found to be vain and hypocritical

I saw a spray paint tag the other day, a circle A (for anarchy) with a side note "destroy capital", on the side of a fish market of all places. (those damn fish monger capitalists) Again, I wonder what happened to the punk rock rugged individual? The kind of guy who'd rather say "Get out of my way - I am my own agenda". Apparently he's now just a stooge for the coming world wide communist dictatorship. Instead of middle finger up in your face, it's hand out for a government ration of equality.

Where is the movement of truely true communists who truly eschew the entirety of capitalism? They would by necessity have no clothing, food, housing, or anything of value that wasn't somehow government -or self-made, correct? They could do it today if they liked, with identical jump suits and slippers, and government food kitchens to feed them, and government housing to keep them warm. Otherwise known as jail. They are wishing for jail, the suicidal bastards. And yet, we find them with Phillip Morris products hanging from their mouths, greenbacks in their pockets, oil in their tanks, and corporate logos all over their clothing.

Where are the gulags when you need them? Either walk the talk or pay the price I say. The only law should be: you living up to your word. 100% personal responsibility time. Anyone not in compliance with their own stated rules would face the punishment they themselves advocate. Make sense? Therefore, "destroy capital" would be visited on the punk-ass-capitalism-consuming-pig that wrote it. Strip him or her naked and destroy all they own that is not self-made or government-made.

Otherwise, I gotta know: why is it American so-called "communists" get away with being such rampant hypocrites? They don't even know that Anarchy is actually truly pure capitalism. Communism, even at a tribal level, requires a strict control mechanism. Yet we get this. It's like spraying up on a wall "Alcoholics Anonymous - Pour me a drink!"

So I sez: them jerks want anarchy, uh? Remove all the stop signs in their city. Eradicate the lines in mall parking lots, see how much "teach the world to live in perfect harmony" that brings out. No form, no structure, first come first serve, so forth. I guess Darwin principles will sort things out, take a while for the weak and stupid to be eliminated. The pyramid will work toward the top and eventually Occam's Razor, will be two left to strong/survive and that will soon reduce to one. And nothing reigns. Er, I should say Nothing reigns.

Haw haw haw, I knew I'd get a chance, stick this one in. One reason I like it is because it bothers the shit out of anyone who hears it. Play it through two or three times and it'll be stuck in yer head all day. Serve ya right.

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