Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I started playing bass guitar in the early 60s. First one was a Danelectro shorthorn bass through a Silvertone 2-12 amp. I soon moved up to a Fender Precision bass and a Fender Bassman amp. It had a 60 watt tube head and a 2-12" speaker cabinet, mellow.

 I played in rock bands during my high school days, usually two guitars, bass, drums playing covers of whatever was popular. This was pre-Beatles, us Chicago guys didn't like that poofter music. I shifted to R&B when I got older, horn bands, like guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, trumpet, trombone, sax, and a front man. Closest you guys can relate was The Blues Brothers, except they came after what I was into. Wilson Pickett, Rufus Thomas, Otis, Sam and Dave, so on. It was during this period that I got in with Black guys and the attendant culture. Didn't hurt me none, I got some soul. That ended when color became an issue. For them, not me. "Hey, you White, we Black, you don't belong here." 

Sometimes the keyboard was a Hammond Porta-B through a Leslie cabinet, or a Wurlitzer electric piano. Keep in mind this was mostly tube technology. You pay good money these days to replicate that warm sound, but it don't really get it.

Here's some Lonnie Mack. He uses a Gibson Flying V with a Bigsby tailpiece and he sometimes plays through a Leslie. The vibrato is fantastic. If I am losing y'all, Google it and get up to speed. BTW Stevie Ray admired him.

I'll mention Link Wray. Don't be lazy, click on him.

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